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This post have SPOILERS of the games. In Shenmue II we see a flashback, a flashback of Shenhua's parents, in this blog post i will talk about this scene, i will talk about Yunshen Yuan as well, Yunshen Yuan is Shenhua's adoptive father, and i will talk about my theory who are Shenhua's parents. In this part of the game Shenhua show the Shenmue tree for Ryo, she say that the Shenmue tree holds a special meaning for her, after that the flashback with her parents begins. In the flashback we see a beautiful place with a lot of trees, all of these trees are Shenmue trees? maybe, one is a Shenmue tree but maybe the others are Shenmue trees as well, we don't know yet, but probably there are at least 2 Shenmue trees in the story, one in...
This post have spoilers of the games The Shenmue story has many intriguing and mysteries elements, one of these mysteries is what happened in Meng Cun between Iwao Hazuki (Ryo's Father) and Sunming Zhao (Lan Di's Father). Lan Di killed Ryo's father in the beginning of the first game, Lan Di did that because he thinks that Iwao killed his father, he did because of revenge, now Ryo want the same thing, Ryo want revenge as well. It is interesting to notice that Lan Di didn't killed Ryo, Ine-san and Fuku-san. Lan Di could have killed these characters if he wanted but he didn't do that. Lan Di killed Iwao, he took the Dragon Mirror and leave the Hazuki Residence. In Shenmue II Lan Di could have killed Ryo in the rooftop part if he...
Shenmue III added many things to the Shenmue experience, one of the things is the stamina system, or how i like to call, the Food System. Some people enjoy the food system and think it is a nice addition, other people think the food system is bad and should be removed it for Shenmue IV. I’m playing Shenmue III now and now i understand even more the food system, with my strategy i don’t have any problems with the Food System. Some people just buy Black Garlic and continue this way till the end of the game, but it is important to notice that Black Garlic is not even the best food in the game, a lot of foods are better than the Black Garlic, and other foods are the same as the Black Garlic, this are a few examples about this...
One of the most popular characters in Shenmue is Xiuying Hong, she is one of my favourites characters in the Shenmue World, today i want to share my opinion if Xiuying will appear again in the story. THIS POST HAVE SPOILERS OF THE GAMES In the final part of the Kowloon arc we see Ryo having one last conversation with Xiuying at Man Mo Temple before going to Guilin. In this conversation Ryo got the move Demon's Triangle, a Bajiquan move, Xiuying gave this move for Ryo. Xiuying ask if Ryo is leaving, Ryo say yes, that Lan Di has left for Guilin, then she give her part of the pendant for Ryo and say she don't want Ryo to go to the same path as her brother, Ziming Hong, Ziming have the other part of the pendant. Ryo say...
The Shenmue Series have many interesting and mysterious details, to me one of these mysteries is if Xiuying and Ziming lived in Miao Village, if Miao Village is the home village of Ziming and Xiuying, today i will share my opinions about this subject. This post have spoilers In Shenmue II we saw that Ziming Hong is the brother of Xiuying Hong, their parents were killed by someone, we don't know who killed their parents, Xiuying and Ziming were both orphaned as children because their parents were murdered. After that they stayed at an orphanage, an orphanage where Fangmei Xun would eventually stay as well. Xiuying and Ziming also grew up in the Thousand White Convent in the Thousand...

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