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    New Yu Suzuki interview (Japanese)

    Just another reminder that we gotta come out in drove to support it guys. The barrier of success is much lower (around 10k+) so lets break even and at least double or triple the profit margin so Yu Suzuki will have a stronger pitching power for the franchise. We can show Sega the Ip is worth...
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    What are you playing?

    I've been doing some retro dive with Arcade rail-shooters/Run&Gun/shmups and looking for some ways to be playing some of these old classics if I could: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aside from that...I don't want to be a...
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    Keep your eyes peeled guys, Sega is releasing limited Timed "Crossovers & Canceled" games from thier vault.

    Grab them between 0ct 15-19. Streets of Rage x Yakuza crossover. The canceled golden axed (IV)? entry. Endless Zone. A canned Dreamcast-esque shmup. Armor of Heroes. A canned arcadey multi-player game supposedly...
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    Favorite Games of the Generation?

    Most of my mainstream/semi-popular games already gets enough love, so I'll toss a short-list of my fav niche games I've played this gen/year into the mix. (Shenmue is a given ofc) 1.) Mask of Deception and Truth: Love, Courage, friendship, Political theater, world building, and a serving of...
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    Sigh the utter disrespect towards Yu Suzuki is appalling

    There is lots to appreciate and love about other visionaries, but Suzuki edges them out because he is always a forward thinking dev. This is why he's discovered & taken the mantle of so many "Firsts" in gaming history over his peers. On another note~ Virtua fighter turned Am2 all into Martial...
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    Sigh the utter disrespect towards Yu Suzuki is appalling

    He most likely lived under a rock during the 80's and 90's to early 00's. Virtua Fighter alone, shook up the entire gaming industry and even influenced Sony's first console direction that helped paved their way into the industry.
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    Virtua Fighter x Esports just announced at TGS 2020

    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly Sh*****************************************************t. If Sega can officiate the Am2 Logo in the next trailer its quality will def be guaranteed. If Sega also slaps on the Yu Suzuki signature seal of quality, It'd no doubt set the gold standard. Fingers...
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    The Pretentious Sophistry of Super Eyepatch Wolf and His Bad Take on Shenmue III

    We are passionate and if we voice that passion we can only benefit the saga. Giving up now after experiencing some flaws is antithetical to the cause.
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    Microsoft aquire ZenimaxMedia (owners of Bethesda, IDSoftware, Tango Dreamworks etc)

    I'd be more intrigue and excited at this turn of events if...Bestheda was more honest and does not have such a shady track record as a company. Todd is a snakes oil salesman. Grains of salt is the only thing I'd take away from this scenario. But, If having Microsoft holding them accountable and...
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    5 things I love about Shenmue I

    I have plenty but here's a few most memorable to me: Arrival in Guilin: It really transitions the tone well from the busy life of hong kong and kowloon to a more serene, distant, but intimate place. Iwao's old friend: It really enriches the scene. It helps you feel the intimacy of Ryo's...
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    5 things I love about Shenmue I

    awesome to see posts from new fans who can grasp how Shenmue transcends the game medium into high art. Do you have any favorite tunes from the soundtrack and where/when it plays that grabs you?
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    The Pretentious Sophistry of Super Eyepatch Wolf and His Bad Take on Shenmue III

    good thing I bailed out of there after the launch of S3. So darn toxic. You wanna know what's even more ironic...Shenmue is getting all of this hate from this crowd yet it's the most humane game series ever created which that forum loves to "Champion".:rolleyes:
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    The Pretentious Sophistry of Super Eyepatch Wolf and His Bad Take on Shenmue III

    telling the fandom that loved this series to death to let it all go to waste when we still have a fighting chance to complete its ambitious saga is just wrong on eyepatch's part no matter how much you dislike S3. He'll be back when Yu Suzuki gets a proper budget and SiV comes out kicking ass and...
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    Random Shenmue Anime Thoughts

    To get a general feel of "Martial Arts" anime here are some I'd recc you can binge/stream in the mean-time if you kinda wanna get a feel about what some of mature "anime martial arts" themes/style you'll find in anime. Ranges between flashy extreme to tamed and/or philosophical. 1.) Afro...
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    I'd breakdown the blame into three tiers. Sega, carries the most for putting him to green pasture. Modern AAA industry dishonest practices cultivating the Cynical crowd and shaping the uncultured taste of mainstream gamers. The click-bait media. Integrity traded in for Hot takes and yellow...