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    Directory map

    I was just wondering if anyone has made a map with a directory for all shops
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    Chicken catching...

    In the ps4 version if you fail the qte 3 times in a row it will slow down to an acceptable level so i found that its best just to guess on the first three attempts so you'll either get one right or you'll get the qte to become slower.
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    I don't remember ryo dodging boulders in shenmue 2?
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    that Lan Di fight...

    yeah,she kept trying to go with me.
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    that Lan Di fight...

    Yeah i almost went to go say bye to Bai before i left but didn't.I said goodbye to shrine maiden a couple of times.I was actually running around to say bye to people and realized i didn't know anyone.
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    Shenmue III Metacritic Rally

    In certain ways i guess but the ps2s disc drive was far slower than the dreamcasts and it simply couldnt refresh the amount of textures the dreamcast could.Plus the anti aliasing and vga support?
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    Shenmue 3 Sales

    I went to my local gamestop day one,they didnt have a single copy that wasnt a preorder
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    How are you enjoying Shenmue 3 (No spoilers please)

    So them lip syncing is a bit jarring at first,you get used to it though,i mostly read the subtitles during the conversations.The games growing on me thru day 5.I wish the days were longer though.....I can only accomplish two things i want to do a day.
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    Shenmue III Metacritic Rally

    looks like a ps2 game?! The ps2s graphics couldnt hold a candle next to the dreamcasts shenmue games.
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    New Screenshots from Japan Expo Paris + Direct Feed Walmart Trailer

    his face is in the magic monaco trailer
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    New Screenshots from Japan Expo Paris + Direct Feed Walmart Trailer

    Yeah i'm especially excited to play some of the brand new arcade games designed by yu susuki
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    Kickstarter Update #100 - Shenmue III delayed until November 19th

    you go to the post office and give them a forwarding address
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    Kickstarter Update #99 - Reboot Develop 2019!

    yeah that worried me to,that railing makes the game feel very small and boxed in
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    Do you think that it will somehow succed?

    I see all the Yakuza crowd picking up this game,and it's successful enough isnt it?