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    Feature on Yu Suzuki in new Edge

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Embracer Q3 Report Presentation @ 9AM CET (3AM EST) 19-2-2020/2-19-2020

    Lars Wingefors (CEO): "I'm happy to see that the fans enjoy Shenmue III, but it's also clear that Shenmue III is not a mass market product. [...] [Shenmue III] is niche product and that's the challenge but financially its done fine."
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    Sales of Shenmue III: Where are we now?

    Cedric just tweeted (in French) that he also doesn't know the sales figures and he's waiting to see the datas of Deep Silver
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    Shenmue 3 Sales

    By the way, i was checking that silly gamstat page. If I'm reading the graphs correctly... It shows that sales in the US were pretty stronger than in Japan. Now.... If Japan was 21k and this is a fact, and in the US it sold (according to gamstat) a fair share more... Well, we're already above 50k
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    Sales of Shenmue III: Where are we now?

    Correct and correct
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    Sales of Shenmue III: Where are we now?

    Guys, these numbers are made up :) the company you quoted has the same data we have, nothing more. No official figures, nothing.
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    The artwork is also present in game :) and anyway I gave that money to the Kickstarter because I WANTED SHENMUE III. The rewards are a nice addition but I didn't care much. I'd have given the same money even with zero rewards.
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    Shenmue 3 coin from GameStop

    I bought it :) this thread may be closed. Thanks!
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Cedric and Yu are really friends, not just colleagues... :) But yeah, I do think Yu is planning something...
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    Shenmue Day Tweetathon Moving

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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Yes :)
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Temple of Blooming Flower Calligraphy :)
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    Sales of Shenmue III: Where are we now?

    You're negative and luckily wrong. For once, Japanese developers rarely share numbers, second, when a game sells out all CE and SE copies, it does mean something (remember they earn a lot more with this kind of boxes). Third point, from what I know about Deep Silver, their policies and sales...
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    The Baoding Balls - Connection with Shenmue?

    interesting info, thank you! :)
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    Sales of Shenmue III: Where are we now?

    Found it: Number eight. From Dengeki Playstation magazine of December. Total 20,866 copies in December.