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    Virtua Fighter Anime

    Watched it on Prime a few months back. I loved it. The characters are totally different in personality than the game, but I dont care about that.
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    Shenmue 3 Permanent Price Drop

    Didnt know a game dropping permanently in price after a whole year and a half was a bad thing... And what's realistic about expecting any significant boost in sales at this point? The money that it's going to make has been made
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    Question about Tony, Smith, and the other sailors

    They just help facilitate their smuggling as they have access to the ship. When Ryo questions Tony and Smith towards the end, they say the "boss of the mad Angels knows" and not "our boss" knows suggesting that they aren't actually apart of the gang
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    Most used VF character?

    Used to be Jacky. Then I slowly drifted to Lion and Goh in 4+ also Brad when I first bought VF4:E
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    [RELEASE][Shenmue III] Eric Kelso As Ren & Paul Lucas as Lan Di

    Wow this is cool. I might have to check out the pc version just for this
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    What Fixes Would You Make?

    Oh, nice mode suggestions
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    Was Shenmue 3 comical compared to 1&2?

    Yeah, and it still doesnt come off as over the top as S3. I cant comment on the Japanese version as I've only played it in English. In my opinion, yelling yikes a and clumsily running onto each other falls right out of a Hanna-Barbara cartoon complete with some conga pattern to match their...
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    Was Shenmue 3 comical compared to 1&2?

    Tony and Smith "Its him, I'm outta here" and left. No theatrics, they just ran out the door. Past Tony's whiny voice, which you eventually get used to and hes not really providing any type of comic relief. When you meet them at the harbor, they just say they don't know anything about the Long...
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    Was Shenmue 3 comical compared to 1&2?

    Yes, way too much. If you're going to have bad guys be goofy buffoons, have them be from the jump. And even then, keep it limited. Defeating the the first gang in Bailu only to have them go "yikes, let's get outta here" and bump into each other before disappearing really kills ther suspense and...
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    Would we be able to love Shenmue the same way if the story ends as an animation?

    I'd prefer a game because nothing else will satisfy completely in any other form. And even the game cant fully live up to the hype after 2 decades. I'll take an anime or anything else to finally give closure though. The last game quelled my absolute need for a sequel but I'll buy regardless.
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    Jet Set Radio, Reborn! - Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

    God damn delays. Day 1 cop.
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    What bad game would you like to remake?

    The Bouncer. I loved the game, but others consider it a huge disappointment or purely awful game. Make the story longer, add some more moves, destructible environments, weapons, remixed soundtrack, longer fight segments. Street Fighter Ex3. Again, I loved it, but others kinda didn't. Give me a...
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    Mortal Kombat: 2021 Movie Reboot gets a Red Band Trailer

    Hasnt there been multiple MK timelines and multiples ways Jax got his arms? Ermac ripping them off. Jax voluntarily upgrading his arms. Not sure why that would matter much now.
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    Mortal Kombat: 2021 Movie Reboot gets a Red Band Trailer

    Watching off the kombat alone. Trailer impressed me. Those fight scenes are gonna be fire
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    Why did Shenmue 1 and 2 struggle to capture more of an audience?

    Off the top of the head, I would say it's slow start as well as an ineffective way of marketing it, at least in the US. My first copy of Shenmue, I bought by chance. I was going to Gamestop to buy a cheap game. The guy in front of me was getting ready to trade Shenmue in. I noticed and said...