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    Will Shenmue IV Be Announced at The Game Awards 2021?

    Voted yes just to be a cheeky cunt.
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    Judgement Series

    Maybe it's just my subconscious jealousy as a PC-only lashing out (no really, go on and have fun without me guys... it's fine...), but I did always find his appearance a bit strange. I'm not saying he looks like an old man or anything, but he's clearly an adult. And his clothes, at least imo...
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    Shenmue Anime: First Trailer

    I did this with the Higurashi anime recently for the exact same reason (not wanting to wait week to week) and it was surprisingly easy. It ended up leading me to decide against doing it for the Shenmue anime. I was weirdly unsatisfied binging it. Then again, I also just ended up disliking the...
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    Shenmue Anime will be at New York Comic Con

    I'm looking forward to hearing the JP audio personally. :cool:
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    Shenmue Anime will be at New York Comic Con

    Does anyone have a link for the trailer? Edit: Or maybe it's only for people that bought passes atm. I haven't properly kept up with all the details lately.
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    Questions for a Potential Yu Suzuki Written Interview

    Asking the real question.
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    Shenmue III Complete collectors edition

    👀 👀 👀 👀 👀
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    Shenmue III Complete collectors edition

    I get that they're probably scared of people getting upset if they announce a delay, but this way of handling things has people getting upset over a delay AND upset that they were left in the dark for so long. I'm not an expert in PR, but I feel like it would've been better to say something last...
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    Shenmue III Complete collectors edition

    Did they not say anything about it in September? Aside from tweets which is obviously a no.
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Personally I get a bit of a dopamine rush every time I buy 200 cheap carrots and then force Ryo to eat 12 in one sitting, but that's just me and my disturbed ways.
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Koch Media tweeting Shenmue stuff again. 👀
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    Favorite mainline Yakuza game?

    Dan, it's time to vote for 3. I love 6, but you, me, and Truck are basically the lone defenders of 3. The 3 gang of 3! :geek: ... a-ahem. I mean, please choose wisely. I don't blame you at all honestly. I love Yakuza, and yet I still get a little butthurt/jealous with how many installments it...
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    Favorite mainline Yakuza game?

    Obviously if your favorite is K1 or K2, feel free to select 1 or 2 in the poll respectively. Or not! You are a big boy/girl now after all, you get to make your own decisions.
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    Yakuza Titles

    I'm sorry to be that annoying guy complaining that he can't make a poll in the new board again... but I can't make a poll in this new board. 🙈
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    Sakura Wars franchise/news/merchs

    What timing. Apparently there's reason to believe something for the Sakura Wars series might be announced at TGS, just about 2 weeks from now. 👀