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    Virtua Fighter Art

    I did this photoshop jobby last year. The character models are from the Fist of the North Star promo event. Hope you like.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog thread

    It was brilliant. I'm not afraid to admit I teared up a few times during the 16 bit medley. Wild to think of these simple chiptunes I grew up with being played by a full orchestra. Some real deep cuts too, Bridge Zone and Sunset Park boss ! I'm really looking forward to the Colours remaster...
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    The amount of times I foolishly threw out a low sweep on wake up only to eat a flying kick to the face from Akira was hilarious. @ShenSun if that kick lands, a second one will also hit on the way down and you can juggle into >>KK as well for even more damage. Next time we should run a couple of...
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    Oh my god genius idea. Trying to post messages using a Saturn pad with an adapter with crazy button mappings was very difficult!
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    I love that @ShenSun plays Akira completely different to how I use him so it took a while to understand his style. That's great about this game you can really make a character your own.
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    The current best in the world is LV 42 I think but it changes on an hourly basis ! They have lovely shiny emblems like Vindicator and Conqueror and the like
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    I guess the Alex Kidd remake is out

    I have a physical version ordered but it's not due till Friday. Like many the Master System was my first 'proper' console with AK built in so I have a lot of fond memories of the game. Never did beat it though. Got to the final room where you have to jump on blocks in a particular order but the...
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    Took Brad to Guardian but man it's tough trying to stay there never mind move up ! Have switched back to Akira and moved him up to Sentinel so nearly got the two of them in parity. Is that our @Sonoshee at 89?
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    I found changing connection to 'any' gave me frequent and better quality matches than 'good' or 'best' only ever did. Weird, but try it yourselves.
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    Nice going ShenSun, you're killing it ! I got Brad up to Sentinel (25) today so switched back to Akira who is still at Berserker (24) to try and keep moving them up together if I can.
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    You're being too hard on yourself. Remember this is a 15 year old game at heart and the good Japanese players have been playing it regularly since then. It took me 3 years to get to gold rank in Street Fighter V then I flew up to ultra gold a week later.
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    Shenmue 3 Permanent Price Drop

    Yeah this is completely standard practice and nothing to worry about. Very few evergreen titles anymore outside of Nintendo first party and the usual CoD and Fifa (which drop off a cliff when the new ones come out)
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    I feel confident about a 2022 reveal. It's fake, but welcome to the forum šŸ™‚
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    Got Akira to 24 berserker so trying some other characters. Really enjoyed Lau in Shenmue green (3rd costume) edited the hair to black so he looks like Lan Di. Well maybe Sunming Zhao anyway due to agešŸ˜‰ Tried Sarah who is a beast with fast combos and great range but after running through...
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    Virtua Fighter Anime

    The last 10 or season 2 haven't been dubbed into English anywhere so nobody's put them onto YouTube