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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    There are two things that I think would benefit the saga. - A switch port of I&II and even III. Switch It is the fashionable console right now. - Advertising in China. Shenmue is a story about China. how could we get that?
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    I think the same, Hiki, very well explained. Still I liked Niaowu too. The bond between Ryo and Ren is stronger too, now are best buddys!
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Yes, that is exactly what happened, by luck I had another save and could do that part again, thanks! Now I have the platinum of the 3 games, next objective, get it all the items on the 2 first games (I already have in 3) but is very hard because I can't complete Space Harrier and Out Run.
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    Guizhang in Hong Kong

    I think that Ren ocuppies the place of Guizhang in S2. In S1 Ryo "buddy" is Guizhang and in S2 and 3 is Ren. About what you say, is interesting, surely Guizhang is more "alive" than Ryo and with him Ryo wouldn't have gone through so much trouble. Perhaps would be interesting too watch they...
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Anyone did have problems with the trophy Nomad on S2? I did talk with Fang-mei in the cutscene when Ryo leaving after Kowloon and the trophy not comes out.
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    Lan Di Unused Line from Shenmue 3

    It couldn't be that the staff had the idea of if the player was good enough, and make a perfect evasion or something against Lan-Di and managed to hurt him, that line would activated? That is my theory. Perhaps they had that idea and in the end eliminated it.
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    What would you do for the ultimate Shenmue experience?

    That would be the correct time line XD. It would be very hard, but Shenmue deserves it.
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    what does everyone want from shenmue 4 ?

    - More story. - Original vision of story without being influenced by anything. - Mystical elements back. - I like the training and exp system of S3, to me it would be cool if it's back and with more things. - Other types of jobs and minigames. - Camera in normal play and battles play like in S1...
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    Yes, me too, I agree with all you say, the only thing perhaps, is that I still see Lan-di as the final boss, guy is just too strong, I see difficult that there is anyone more strong that him xD, and I don't see him turning good too. Besides are the paralelism with Shen-hua as Lan-di as the black...
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    In my opinion, Vengeance/Revenge is the real enemy of all Shenmue saga. In words of Shenhua, "is the power that can destroy him." If Ryo would kill Lan di, it would be a bad ending where he becomes the next chi you men leader or even chiyou himself. I think that chiyou will feed of anger...
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    Expectations for CrunchyRoll Expo?

    A trailer would be cool.
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    I want the magical/mystical elements back.

    That is my concern, I want to see Yuu and the original staff true vision not being influenced by anything. Or at least the key elements. That is exactly the comparison I was thinking those days, Indiana Jones. Shenmue have a great mistery atmosphere too, little a little the things are turning...
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    I want the magical/mystical elements back.

    Yes, that's true, but at least the intention was there in these times.
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    I want the magical/mystical elements back.

    We also have the Project Berkley trailer:
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    I want the magical/mystical elements back.

    I even think that perhaps the team believed in the posibility to end the saga with this game, as ours playing as characters that help Ryo in his quest, and watching his story making progress and fighting with the bosses, Lan-di included, helping him in some ways. If I don't remember wrong...