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    Thoughts On Shenmue 3 Antagonists?

    I feel the same but I think it is a very fine balancing act. Have her appear enough to make the player question her importance, but not too much so that they put two and two together. I was expecting her to have some back story about why she was in Niaowu - maybe Ryo could have helped her with...
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    Questions about S3 after beating it!

    I got the impression that this was the path used by the thugs to enter the village without anyone noticing.
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    Did Deep Silver Do Shenmue III Justice?

    Difficult. I think we got a better Shenmue 3 in lots of ways because of them, but we don't know what pressure was put on YsNet to ship the game which could have harmed the final product. I think shipping in November was the wrong move. As DS got 100% of the Epic deal, maybe they got their...
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    What have we learned so far...?

    Yu has said Shenmue 3 is chapter 4. I assume this doesn't include Baisha.
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    How do you feel about the rewards distribution?

    No rush. This was my first ever Kickstarter and I was made aware that reward distribution can take time. I did expect it all to come BY release, but YsNet have kept us updated so I'm not in any rush. It will all stayed sealed anyways. I got the game on the platform I wanted on day one and that...
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    Is Niaowu Now Complete?

    As an area, I love Niaowu. I still find the environments stunning and I've gotten lost in the activities for hours. Something I never did in Shenmue 1/2. Story wise, I feel Niaowu could have benefited from some extra scenarios to flesh out some of the relationships. A few more encounters with...
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    How to make the combat better in Shenmue 4?

    Knowledge should equal power. Learning new scrolls and their use in combat should gain Ryo a tactical advantage over his opponents. Endurance and attack power would still be relevant. Example Thugs Have very little/no martial arts training. Ryo can defeat these quite easily but they are...
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    I have a small story idea for Shenmue IV...

    I'm expecting it to be about the reincarnation of a person of great importance.
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    Shenmue's Dragon and Its Connection to Tianlong and Tentei

    Very cool! Got me thinking. Sorry for rambling. I've always thought the 'Dragon emerging from the Earth' and the 'Phoenix descending from Heaven' related to the human/afterlife and the merging of the two separate worlds that require each other to co-exist/yin yang. The Buddhist theme of...
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    Kickstarter update #126. PC backer codes to be reissued.

    I remember them saying that it was an unlimited phone card that included backer specific conversations.
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    General Impressions

    I loved the ending at the castle but I feel like they've cut it necessary to release a complete game. I hope we go back to Bailu and Shenhua's father discusses his letter.
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    Kickstarter Update #108 - Trial version announcement

    This is a great way to test my PC to see if it will run Shenmue 3 before the game releases
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    Kickstarter Update #100 - Shenmue III delayed until November 19th

    I'm upset that the waited till the 100th update, Shenmue day and 1 week before E3 to drop this bombshell without any indication of where the next update will come from BUT...I would much prefer the development team to take care and extra time to produce a polished product than to release it and...
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    Pitch Your Shenmue III Moment!

    Ryo giving Lan Di the picture of Iwao and Zhao together and all the fans screaming out in wonder as the saga is totally flipped on its head.