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    The videogame landscape will never be the same again

    I strongly disagree. Physical media still exists for those that are still fond of them (which I am too), but that doesn't have to apply to the entire industry or be the standard. So I don't see how gaming now is all of sudden less fun or interesting, as I would think on the contrary, it is...
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    General RGG Discussion

    It's one of the best tactical FPS ever. I suck at it (pretty complex mechanics even if it doesn't look like it), but I often play it with a friend once a week or so. This skin is so out of the left field for me, and given I adore the Yakuza series this was the opposite of a double whammy for me.
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    What TV shows are you watching?

    For those fans of Japan and Yakuza life, I really recommend giving TOKYO VICE a watch. It's such a quality series. It's only loosely based on a memoir of an American living in Japan as a crime journalist, but that's what makes it very entertaining with tons of conspiracies and twists and turns...
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    What TV shows are you watching?

    I don't think so. If nothing else, Better Call Saul should be watched after the end of Breaking Bad as the show displays snippets of the aftermath fate of Saul during the first couple of episodes if I recall it right. Other that that, it is totally an origin story or side story, and it can be...
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    What Movie Are You Watching?

    The Batman is out on streaming already. Wish you a speedy recovery.
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    What Movie Are You Watching?

    I highly recommend Everything Everywhere All At Once. It's one of those movies that will linger in your head after you leave the theaters. It's a love letter to cinema with homages to films like 2001, The Matrix, Ratatouille, In The Mood For Love and Jackie Chan movies, but it's so much more. If...
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    Random Shenmue Anime Thoughts

    After watching 9 episodes, I'm in awe about how faithful the anime is to the games (discounting minor liberties here and there). The j-drama, the martial arts world and the investigative nature of the games are all there, and the plot flows smoothly for such a short series. Despite the pacing...
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    Official Shenmue Ryo Statue

    If it makes you feel any better, you were not alone on this. I did it too.
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    Official Shenmue Ryo Statue

    Another merch? I just got that aftershave product recently, the music box not long before that and then the duck... man, my wallet now kinda misses those times where you could only get Shenmue collectibles out of Japan and only from circa 1999 to 2001 stuff.
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    Did Shenmue 3 hurt the series?

    I spilled my coffee reading this. Thank you for such an informative and hilarious post.
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    What Movie Are You Watching?

    The Batman. Likely my favorite Batman movie. Love the cast, specially Paul Dano and Zoe Kravitz, and the story, which I liked even more than TDK. It's detective noir, grounded and dreary, with a Batman that questions his own history. It's not for everyone as it's long and slow-paced, but quite a...
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    Shenmue The Animation Episode 5: Equal SPOILERS thread

    Ryo and Chen spoke in Cantonese with each other. And you are correct, Cantonese is what should be used in Hong Kong at all times. Though most of the younger generation in HK studies Mandarin in school, no one really speaks that in their daily lives unless dealing with mainland tourists or doing...
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    Did Shenmue 3 hurt the series?

    This topic sure has been going... Did Shenmue 3 hurt the series? U kidding? It saved not only the series, but also fan communities like this place and the general public interest surrounding the IP. Just look at all the merch, the anime and the HD ports just like ShenSun said. I don't even doubt...
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    SPOILERS Shenmue The Animation: Episode 2 - Daybreak - Thread

    I really liked episode 2. It moved fast, but in contrast to the first episode it had its running time almost exclusively focused on the letter and Charlie, while still having secondary characters being part of that focal theme and leaving enough room for characters like Ryo and Nozomi to ponder...
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    Spoilers Shenmue The Animation: Episode 1 - Thunderclap - Thread

    I think the first episode is fine, though a bit way too fast going through scene to scene... losing some sense of tension like the already mentioned Iwao and Lan Di scene, not leaving much breathing room for characters to let their emotions linger. Positives from me go to the quite detailed...