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    Development Log #1

    gambling like s2 for make money fast in sh1 should be great
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    Shenmue Dragon And Phoenix Collection

    gambling in shenmue 2 should be in shenmue 1 if that possible, just simple way to make cash
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    Shenmue 3 Sales

    is shenmue 3 still out of stock on amazon?
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    What should sega add in the new re-release of shenmue 1 and 2?

    New content maybe? like this they should add this village or area in shenmue 2, i heard that was space issue, now we have bluray so that is not issue anymore they shold develop chapter 2 i mean trade to hongkong on the boat and fight chai, thats not cost much develop in dreamcast graphics...
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    what happend to

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    what happend to

    i liked the webbdesign more, what was the reason to change to and many members from old site is gone, why? what happend to the old administrator and moderators? im not complain just curious. by the way i like peter as administrator he is biggest shenmue fan as i...
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    SIII Character Model Discussion

    i stilldont like shenhuas and ryos faces, i want same look like shenmue 2
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    Buy Shenmue & Shenmue II Here (Deals)

    does anyone know the sales record? do you think we will pass 1 million sales?