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    Datamined Info - Discussion Thread

    They've unfortunately done a much better job removing unused material from S3. I'm sure they knew we'd be on top of it like hounds.
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    Why kickstarter to make S4? What about SEGA?

    I agree, Sput. Suggesting another Kickstarter at this point is absurd. Sega is most certainly a possibility, if Shenmue III sells well enough especially. It's become clear to me that Sega have taken notice of Shenmue's potential over the past few years anyway. And correct me if I'm wrong, but...
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    Shenmue 3 Streetdate Broken

    What about that first person camera icon that was in the demo version? Can that be turned off now or is it gone for good? One of the recent videos released showed some first person footage in Niaowu and it wasn't there. That's one of my few gripes about it... The game is too beautiful to hide.
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    Bysby Theme (Shenmue Dojo 2003) added

    Bruh. It's 2004 all over again, in an alternate reality where Shenmue III came of course. I've got my Duke controller ready for Shenmue III and the Dojo forums look like this again. All that's left to do is act like 17 year old me again... I found.... ONE!
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    [!!SPOILERS!!] Datamined Info - Discussion Thread (Backer Demo)

    Let me know if you find out how to keep Ryo centered at all times too, like he is indoors. I've been looking but have very little free time to spare.
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    Debug map found in Shenmue I

    That video up there was my recording, stolen like many others without credit. I found this map in Shenmue I (final release, in the DOOR folder in at least disc 3, can't remember if it were in discs 1 and 2). So it's in Shenmue II in the re-releases? Interesting.
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    Kickstarter Project Update #103: A message from Ys Net, Epic Games & Deep Silver

    Right? I've tried to be silent about this everywhere, because I know it's going to lead to me losing my cool and I don't have time to argue with dumb asses. And I'm not directing that at the Dojo, because discussion is usually level-headed and by true fans here. But Facebook, Kickstarter and...
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    Possible New Footage?

    Holy shit, bro! Nice!
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    Possible New Footage?

    Just checked mine. No kiosk. But North Dakota is a piece of shit so I wasn't expecting one.
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    Shenmue III - Will It Feature An Original Score?

    Absolutely. To me, it looks as authentic as it possibly can. It has actually greatly exceeded my expectations. And with 5 months left for the team to just polish and shine it? No doubt it'll be just fine.
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    Shenmue III - Will It Feature An Original Score?

    Not sure how many of you noticed this track at the beginning of the English voice recording video, but it really tickled my soul.
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    Shenmue III - Will It Feature An Original Score?

    It would simply defy logic NOT to include older tracks. Not to mention that would disappoint me more than just about anything they can do, as the music is one of the most defining things about Shenmue and I want to hear all these. There are 800+ tracks on Yu's laptop as we speak, which were all...
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    Magic Monaco Press Conference March 9th 2019 Part 2 Discussion and Reaction

    You won't see me dealing with anything after the trailer is released. :LOL: If it's disappointing, then I'll just shrug my shoulders and quietly ask myself, "What in the actual fuck?" and pray for the best. And if it's good, I'll cheer and know my 13k was well invested. I don't have the time to...
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    Magic Monaco Press Conference March 9th 2019 Part 2 Discussion and Reaction

    Trust me, I'm well aware of that concept art. But if we were going off earlier designs, I guess Lan Di would look like this in Shenmue III: Ryo has already been established in the games as having two patches. It may be very nitpicky, yes...
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    Magic Monaco Press Conference March 9th 2019 Part 2 Discussion and Reaction

    I hope that trailer makes me ejaculate before I even get an erection. And I feel like it will. Going to try to not let this part of the show detour me from that hype.