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    Who is better Goro or Tom

    I never liked how Tom is just the hot dog truck guy until we're told that he's Ryo's best mate. Lazy as fuck. Plus he's meant to be from the US, but has some borderline racist Jamaican accent. Goro's annoying, but at least he's funny, and like people say, he has an arc. Plus it's a weird...
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    Trophy Hunters/Achievements

    I'm in the same camp as @bcdcdude on them. I have an almost OCD-like need to get as many as close to 100% as possible. I love the inventive type of achievements, and those that encourage you to get the absolute most out of games, but those grindy ones? Hate em. The amount of planning you have...
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    Not all Brits. It's still mandatory in Scotland. One of the trains I get is Scottish owned, so the rules apply there too. Also, businesses are free to make their own decisions on it. I have to wear one at work. Side-note: This is one of the reasons a lot of us don't like bein lumped in...
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    My general mentality towards it is to always have a mask on you, and wear if it's mandatory, but at the same time, fuck masks! *spends the next hour scratching chin like a cat with fleas*
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    What would you do for the ultimate Shenmue experience?

    No other game? Shenmue's good, but it's not that good.
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    How do YOU pronounce "Shenmue"?

    I didn't really piss about with the passport disc for the first year or so of having it, coz no Internet, why bother? I'd only ever read the word Shenmue in magazines, and because I'm English, "m-yoo" made more sense pronunciation-wise than "moo", not unlike how most of us would call Ryu from...
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    Random Thoughts

    A game called Code Vein keeps popping up in the Xbox Sales, so I opened up the page to have a little nosey at the reviews. What I found was one of the greatest things I've ever read...
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    The Mirrors

    Well, I mean, the story of mythical creatures and two objects that depict said beings could be two completely different things 🤷‍♂️
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    Valve Steam Deck

    Looks top. Doubt I'll get one though. PC Games for me are about two things: a mouse and mods. Also, can't remember who was saying about getting a Surface Pro on the previous page, but I'd defo recommend it. I use a Surface Go w/detachable keyboard and pen. It's convenient as fuck, especially...
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    Games are art

    Best way to look at it is that nothing is art by default. Art is transformative and requires both context and an audience for it to be judged or declared so. Therefore video games are not art, but a video game can be art.
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    Old School Guys

    Still stuck here, unable to find my way out, like a pissed up crack ed in a dark kitchen where the floors are coated with grease.
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    Shadowbox Project

    Looks good so far. I do like the inclusion of Online & City (as well as the dashed lines) as it helps hammer home that long period of waiting, uncertainty, and weird maybes that we had. If you're American though, I would suggest - if I may - going with the Xbox version of Shenmue II and even...
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    Random Thoughts

    You can monetarily vote in favour of something multiple times, but you can only abstain once.
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    Games are art

    I wouldn't consider them art. Because they're not just art. But they are part of "the" arts.
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    Random Gaming Thoughts

    I played it both on my phone and on the TV via Chromecast. Both work flawlessly. Certainly better than streaming your Xbox One (disclaimer: I haven't used Xbox's X-Cloud or Game Pass Ultimate or whatever it wants to call itself) It's a good service in terms of streaming quality, it's just...