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    Is the tree at Ternary Spring an actual Shenmue Tree?

    While many of us stress that one/single tree, both @Demon's Triangle and @Hiki are right to stress that there seem to be multiple trees. I suspect many of us wonder how much some of S3's story was compromised, but this aspect seems to be consistent, given the empirical evidence from the...
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    Which version of Shenmue II do you think is the best version to play?

    In terms of golden mean, I'd say the Xbox version has the best balance: a. Vs. Dreamcast, it offers more save spaces and the photography gimmick. b. Vs. remasters, it (like DC) avoids the more glaring glitches. That said, DC and the remasters alike have both file transfer and more options for...
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    General RGG Discussion

    If this rumor is true, I'm of a similar mind. While I don't think it to be a fated result, I really hope RGG doesn't fall into the trap that we've seen with Sonic Team: once Naka leaves, the crew-- though possessing genuine talent-- lose a sense of guiding vision. They stick to what is said (by...
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    Weird Translations in S3: Suggestions?

    This one's always confused me as well. I think the translation was an issue (I read it like "what's going on here?"), but I also noticed they reused that exact English audio (or at least a VERY similar intonation) from Ryo's interrogation of Yanlang. To that end, I'm definitely interested in...
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    Future Shenmue fan meetups?

    Certainly after ("after") COVIDtide, it'd be nice for those of us who are able to consider meeting up. It'd be cool for some older and newer Dojo members to meet and unify the community. I'd welcome one in North America as well. (I admit, as someone hoping to become a Canadian, I'd be open to...
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    How do YOU pronounce "Shenmue"?

    I say "Shen-moo", but, to shame myself: When I first heard of the game-- albeit I'm not dyslexic-- I thought it said "Shem-noo." I called it that for about six months prior to the release of the original. Thankfully, a promo trailer corrected me. As an act of penance, I chose "Shem-noo." May I...
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    Shenmue Dojo Interviews Bill Black. Shenmue 3 VO Director

    Per usual, thanks for organizing these! While I haven't been able to listen to it all, that bonus content at the end is very rewarding. You can tell he took this role professionally and seriously, esp. stressing he doesn't want cheesy '80s kung fu voices and providing the voice actors aids for...
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    The Official Gaming Music Topic

    I've always had a sympathy for the music of Virtua Fighter 3(tb). Shenmue connections (esp. themes for folks) charm me. To my mind, it had that right mix of SEGA arcade sound and permission for Dreamcast composers to experiment with a new sound system. I've been back to listening as of late...
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    Welcome to the NEW Shenmue Dojo!

    The profile tweak functioned rightly, but they still show up. That said, I'll hush. I know you've many concurrent projects, so it's all good. (I admit I was a bit reactionary in my comment.) If you want to tinker with that more, I'll test, but it's okay. You Dojo folk do enough as is (incl...
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    Welcome to the NEW Shenmue Dojo!

    I hope this is the right thread to ask (and that it isn't/hasn't been discussed elsewhere): would it be possible to add a "switch off" option for the streams on the sidebar? I'm not averse to change as such (much less, watching streams) nor do I mean to sound cantankerous, but I admit it makes...
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Thanks to @BlueMue, I'm enamored of the attention to detail with shadows and time of day. Timestamped; I'd encourage playing at 1.25x speed to see the buildings crop up at sunrise, etc.) The whole video is worth a spin, of course.
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    Dojo Cooking Thread

    I always like that, when I'm dieting, I check the dojo and this thread magically comes to the top of the new posts. I feel like some pitiful Yakuza character who "can't help himself" for going to eat seafood... Bless this place. (Per usual, excellent commentary and presentation, @Truck_1_0_1_...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog thread

    I wasn't planning to listen to this, but it's a real treat! I admit I wasn't into Tomoyo Ohtani or Crush 40 (never much have been since playing those games), and some later orchestral pieces were kinda redundant (too close to the OST versions besides the differences in any live performance)...