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    Oregon Pacifist Shenmue Videos (NEW 08/02/2021)

    I made a new Shenmue 3 music video, dedicated to the fans and Yu Suzuki šŸ™
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    What cancelled game do you still think about?

    Yes, shortly after Disney acquired the SW franchise, 1313 was canned. Disney is just a terrible company overall in my opinion.
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    What cancelled game do you still think about?

    These games are the ones that I was the most sad to see cancelled: 1. Silent Hills 2. Scalebound 3. Star Wars 1313 I don't consider myself to be a Star Wars fan, but 1313 looked like an interesting fresh take on the franchise that immediately grabbed my interest. Scalebound was a really...
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    My 'Retro Rewind' Series

    Hello everyone. It's been a little while since I popped in here. We're kind of going through a drought of Shenmue news but in the meantime, I wanted to bring attention to my 'Retro Rewind' series on YouTube and Odysee. Every Monday, I play a different "retro" game (anything over 20 years old)...
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    Shenmue Fan Art

    I had some fun in Mario Paint (SNES) and drew Tom riding a unicorn :LOL: The video of the process is on my YouTube channel.
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    Oregon Pacifist Shenmue Videos (NEW 08/02/2021)

    So, I have a new series of videos on my YouTube/ Odysee channels called "Retro Rewind" where I play an old game for the fun of it. Today I played Mario Paint and created a Shenmue-inspired masterpiece. It is now canon. Oh, and you can purchase the design from my Teespring store :)
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    Martial Arts

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    Major Update to My Teespring Store

    Hello Everyone. If you want to check out some of my art and want to support my work (art and video creation), please visit my newly updated Teespring Store for new lstings! Oregon Pacifist's Store (
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    How confident of you in your singing?

    I think I'm pretty good at singing if I do say so myself! *adjusts sunglasses*
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    Must have SNK games

    I'm partial to the King of the Monsters games as well as Panic Bomber.
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    The Hazuki Legacy (2D fan game)

    This is a really awesome project! I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out. Fuku-San appreciates not being totally forgotten after the events of Shenmue 1 lol
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    Oregon Pacifist Shenmue Videos (NEW 08/02/2021)

    New video: Shenmue 3 Mod Showcase
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    My New Alternate YouTube Channel

    The channel is called "OP Shorts!" and includes <30 second long videos in portrait mode. It's basically the YouTube version of TikTok. Currently I have a handful of funny gameplay clips, but it's only day 1 and I'm just getting started. Feel free to check it out! OP Shorts! - YouTube
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    What are you playing?

    My honest opinion is "no". I did a review video on my channel and also a follow up (they updated the game today). There are too many issues that keep the game from being great, and there's literally nothing Taxi Chaos does better than Crazy Taxi which came out 2 decades ago.
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    What are you playing?

    Just bought Taxi Chaos. It's a spiritual successor to Crazy Taxi. From what I've played (very little), it doesn't seem to be quite as good as the older games in any aspect. Still, it's a fun distraction if you can find it at the right price. I plan on making a few videos of the game over on my...