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    Last place you traveled?

    Also I had the opportunity to visit Pablo Escobars prison fortress he built for himself in Envigado Colombia just outside of Medellin. Most of it was abandoned but what a dark history despite the beautiful view. Many people were executed here.
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    Last place you traveled?

    I am back in Colombia and had a chance to visit Medellin and some rural areas. Some of my videos
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    General Impressions

    Hello David, I think I have seen you on the Shenmue 500k group. First want to say thanks for contributing this much towards the game to make it happen, I think you were saving for a BMW at the time if I recall and used the funds towards Shenmue III. I think a lot of the complaints you bring up...
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    Does Yu Suzuki not like carrots?

    Never liked carrots either, ever since I saw a snail eat one in highschool and poop it out, I was done.
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    I feel like fake locations was a mistake.

    Niaowu is based on a real place.. Also most cities in Shenmue II was Dramatized , even Shenmue I. Try to go to the harbor in reallife and its not that far and looks quite different. Dobuita street is quite accute. In SII Hong Kong and Kowloon walled city on the mountain and even Guilin took a...
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Holy shit gravity killed Chunyan!
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    I think they are aware but it has become such a sensitive symbol now in the west and I think a lot of it has to do with some of the modern day issues. I agree with you that it is not an evil symbol and that the context used is not meant to imply hatred.
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    They did something similar with Wolfenstein in Germany, I generally cannot stand any form of censorship but I suppose I like to preserve the original meaning and art.
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Jewish dude here, yeah just buddhist swastikas, unfortunately a lot of games have went to great lengths to censor this stuff. I remember a rare pokemon card I was seeking had a swastika and was not sold here. I don't feel offended by it at all.
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    old trailer there's a lot of funny thing in it and cut content

    If they give it a 10/10 I will forgive their ignorance.
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    Name changes in Shenmue 3

    This is why I play in Japanese ;)
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    Patch 7 for PC - Release Notes

    Eh...kind of, space harriers controls still feel off and some slight differences in music. Most of the issues are minimal imo.
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    Editions Pix'n Love Shenmue II Limited Edition

    is this the same artbook kickstarter backers are receiving?
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    Best way to play the original games: emulation or remaster?

    That is a hard one, the remasters I can play on PC in 1440p with widescreen hack, audio and graphics mods and faster loading but stock I find some aspects inferior. It is clear some of the bugs, arcade games, the textures of licensed items removed, the fighting feels different, audio and music...
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    Regarding Shenmue IV viability

    Not really...Bailu Village was already in shenmue II but it was cut, if you compare the photos from II to III, you can even see many of the existing buildings including the watch tower.