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    Great Ace Attorney duo-logy announced July 27 2021

    Wait, so Sherlock Holmes is still copyright protected? Naming him herlock sholmes is honestly funnier so everything turned out good but this kinda shit makes me mad. Copyright/patent trolls are the worst.
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    What Shenmue Anime Merch do you think will be available?

    one of those oppai mousepads with Ryo's face on it.
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Liam Gallagher's most recent tweet has me thinking he might be carrying crates with Delin.
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    Would we be able to love Shenmue the same way if the story ends as an animation?

    The last game was a major letdown in the story department so I'm very much open to seeing the story tackled in different mediums and by different teams. If this first season is a success and the anime eventually goes farther than the source material I wouldn't mind one bit. Would I prefer a...
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    Famitsu article on 2021 Japanese game developer aspirations, featuring Yu Suzuki

    “We hope that the new year of 2021 will heal your body and soul at home with a relaxing game like Shenmue” The quote is more like "I hope that over the 2021 new year holiday...." So unless there's an announcement and release REAL soon(lol) he basically just said "happy new year play my game...
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    Taxi Chaos - Crazy Taxi spiritual successor announced.

    Looks ok from the short teaser. I think I agree with @danielmann861 that the first one might have been all we needed from this series. If they bring back the Offspring, though, it would feel like a boring rehash to me so I hope they do something new. Regardless of who does the music it needs to...
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    What did they do to my beloved Shenmue!?

    Sucks that you have to mod a supported language back into the game. Japanese developers must really hate Japanese PC gamers cuz this seems to often be the case.
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    Modding Japanese Subtitles back into Steam version possible? Any ideas?

    I got 1&2 on steam recently and have been playing in Japanese with no hiccups thanks to this thread. Big ups to ner0! Also using your widescreen patch 👍
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    Earthlingo: Learn languages in a free open world

    I tried out the French pack for that game Influent just to see what it was like and honestly it wasn't very good. Its cute and kinda fun for maybe a half hour at most, but if you actually want to acquire a new language I would not recommend games like these.
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    Random Thoughts

    Dang who would want to punch RIck Moranis
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    What do you expect to be retconned

    Zoltor you're off your rocker if you think there's 13 hour long episodes worth of material in Shenmue 1. The story in the first game is minimal and could easily be covered in 4-5 normal length(~23 minutes) anime episodes.
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    RGG Thread (Yakuza + Judgement etc)

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    Hard to read the kanji on an American TV for the original Japanese Dreamcast Shenmue 1 version

    Are you playing on a CRT or something? It could be the console though cuz I don't think the Dreamcast was region free. So that could be the problem. There are a lot of rather simple ways to get around the region lock, though.
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    Mental Health Dojo

    I tried doing five but I maxed out at four.
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    Will Suzuki change his mind and just finish the story in the anime?

    That's why I said mainly as an anime. A successful anime would give new momentum to the games, but I think the anime would ultimately become the bigger tent pole in that scenario.