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    My upcoming game inspired by "shenmue" and "yakuza".

    You're making excellent progress Kenzo! Keep it up!
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    Shenmue: A Slow Pace Story

    People nowadays simply don't cherish the fact that several forgotten gaming gems, such as the Shenmue franchise actually come with their own set of rules. This isn't something massive as Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Battlefield, Call of duty, etc. This is... Shenmue; Virtua Fighter meets Sims type of...
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    (Top 5) Why you love Shenmue III?

    Here are my five reasons why I love the third installment (in my personal order of importance): 1. Patience of a saint: I "befriended" the franchise several years ago by sheer coincidence while browsing the internet and the GameFAQs while trying to compare some historically important RPGs...
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    Surrounding Bloodstained: the game literally had me at hello knowing that Iga san is its creator. However, bear in mind that there almost isn't an existing Kickstarter game or non-game project that had problems. Iga san originally planned to release it in 2017, but there were so-called drama...
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    Development Log #3

    We're getting closer to the finished project with every log, reading through them is almost like poetry to my eyes and soul. Thank you @LemonHaze for such an informative read and good luck with the rest of the development!
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    Was Shenmue 3 comical compared to 1&2?

    Well... Other than Hong Dejing falling into the river after demonstrating the uppercut, wait, actually no. Lemme describe it to you this way: the third installment was meant to cater to the fans right? And it does! It has its own somewhat archaic feel to it when it comes to the fact that you...
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    Mental Health Dojo

    Once again, I am sending best wishes to everyone who posted anything here on this thread. My thoughts are with @Kenzo38130 for sharing the sad news. Buddy, on the bright side, you're one talented young man, who contributed significantly to our community. Think about some of your projects...
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    Also a big thank you to you @Tsukuyomimagi99 for coming up with this idea and for being a part of our family! Oh, and since I'm already here, I might as well send best wishes to everyone as well. Thank you everybody for creating a community that still lasts to this very day, best wishes to you...
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    Let's take a look at the rough numbers: both S1 and S2 sold between 1 million and 1.5 million copies, with HD remasters combined. If you ask me, this does not seem THAT bad considering the amount of blood, sweat and tears Suzuki and Nagoshi san had to put into making them come to life. From...
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    Shenmue Dragon And Phoenix Collection

    @Dewey When it comes to the stamina system and eating and drinking, how about adding a buff system as well? Almost every Action-Adventure and RPG/JRPG nowadays has one, such as Final Fantasy(XV and remakes) and Yakuza. There should be a wide range of different dining and grocery establishments...
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    The Hazuki Legacy (2D fan game)

    Very nice! Looks like Shenmue really is one of those franchises that will never ever be forgotten.
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    Shenmue Dragon And Phoenix Collection

    Did you know, that Michael Jackson allegedly composed parts of the S3&K soundtrack? After his hit SEGA Moonwalker games back in the late 80s and beginning of the 90s, MJ grew very fond of the company and the Sonic franchise and even decided he will help compose soundtracks for future games. The...
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    Dragon & Phoenix Development Logs

    OOOH, looks like someone's feeling a little cryptic today, I like that!
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    Dragon & Phoenix Development Logs

    Great job you guys! Best of luck to everyone!
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    Shenmue III - What Happened? ft. Super Eyepatch Wolf

    Not exactly un-canceled per se if you count the official remakes. A team of modders lead by LemonHaze are working on a mod that will reimagine and therefore remake the first two Shenmue games in yes, UE4. It's called the Shenmue Dragon and Phoenix Collection. Check the Shenmue I and II thread...