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    5 tips for starting your Shenmue journey

    pretty much just reviewed the script, provided feedback, and stuff like that. Nothing too crazy. Oh if anyone is wondering if this video means something is happening with the IP, Adam stated it isn't here: a 500k post
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    5 tips for starting your Shenmue journey

    I was involved directly with the making of this video. Hope you all like it! Here is an aggregation of the social media posts when it went live:
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    Shenmue Dojo Interviews: Mike Rhinehart Lead Shenmue 1 Beta Tester from SOA

    u as well! we should have a catch up call soon pal!
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Since Niao-sun is on the boat when Ryo comes to Niaowu, i wonder if she was in Bailu as well.
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    Shenmue: The Gang Edition - 20 Years Later...

    Ever since watching these movies back in highschool, my friends and I still quote your movies. We should get a watch party together sometime.
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    Would we be able to love Shenmue the same way if the story ends as an animation?

    I would prefer it to be fully told in video game format but if thats what they decide to do then so be it. It is Shenmue. I'm happy that we can even look forward to SOMETHING since we didn't for so long lol. That being said, I loved Shenmue 3. I think future games can tell the story just fine if...
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    Mental Health Dojo

    Lately I've been alright. I'm now around a year or so on some medications that really helped me regain a better sense of perception around me. Sadly mental illness is a common issue in my family genetically. For me, therapy has shown its more behavioral on my end since I grew up around it and...
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    Mental Health Dojo

    Sending you massive love bro <3
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    Your First JRPG

    My first true JRPG playthrough was Breath of Fire 3 on the PSX. I played a few here and there before then but I was so young, I do not recall. BoF3 was my first loved jrpg tho. Still go back to it each and every year so I do not forget about it (i have a really bad memory)
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    A random thought I was pondering today. I believe in an interview somewhere somewhen Yu Suzuki stated that Shenmue 3's story borrowed elements from future chapters of his original VFRPG/ProjectBerkeley timeline or something like that. Makes me wonder how far Shenmue 4 deviates from that original...
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    I'm confident Shenmue 4 will happen one way or another. Just gotta keep yelling online to keep the fan hype going. Of course, I can be totally wrong so we gotta keep yelling anyway.
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    Shenmue Dojo Interviews: Mike Rhinehart Lead Shenmue 1 Beta Tester from SOA

    Awesome interview! Mike is such a cool dude.
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    [RELEASE][Shenmue III] DS4 Button Prompts

    thank you! <3