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    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I picked up Guardians of the Galaxy for PS5 ($30 BF deal) and Spyro Trilogy for Switch ($20 BF deal). Guardians is for me and Spyro for my wife. Both will go under the tree for Christmas.
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    What is Rockstar Games' Next Game?

    I honestly don't care. Rockstar is a pathetic shadow of what they once were. There's nothing they could make at this point that I would bother with.
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    What are you playing?

    Sure did. I started out with Mass Effect 2 on PS3. Bought it right after the third released. I was enjoying it so much that before I even beat the 2nd, I went out and bought the 3rd as I found it on sale for Black Friday that year. Played them back to back and Mass Effect became a favorite...
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    What are you playing?

    I've started up Mass Effect 3 from the Legendary Edition. I also play First Class Trouble and Hunt Showdown when my friends are online.
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    What are you playing?

    I've been playing First Class Trouble as well. It's fun when you have a group of people you play with on your friends list. Randoms... well... if you're not on a mic then you may be choked to death automatically. Just saying.... get on a mic.
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    Judgement Series

    Ok. I finally beat the first Judgment. 32.25 hours and I basically skipped the girlfriends after the first and a few side missions. My one gripe is the running being inconsistent. Other than that, great game. Great story. Happy with the ending. I'll pick up the sequel eventually but need a break.
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    What are you playing?

    Pretty sure I was able to play by myself. The "monster's" are going to be massive grind-fests though. At the very least, quicker to take down when you play with someone. Some of these monsters took me 20-60 min to take down.
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    Instinction -- New Trailer -- Moving to UE5

    Ok. Not sure if you guys were ever into Dino Crisis on PS1 but I was a huge fan (I pretend the 3rd never existed). It's a survival suspense game that's basically the love child of Jurassic Park and Resident Evil. Fast forward 20 years... Capcom continues to let the series rot among many other...
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    What are you playing?

    I'm finally nearing the end of Judgment (PS5). It's a far longer game than I thought it would be but it's good. Just this week I picked up Hunt Showdown to play with a bud. I'm not generally into horror games or first person games so this pick up was a bit of irony. I'm having some fun with it...
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    Uncharted - The Movie Trailer

    Uncharted is my favorite series of all time. After the casting announcements, I've lowered my expectations for this movie. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against either Holland or Wahlberg. They simply aren't meant for this role until they can prove me wrong when I watch this. My plan is to...
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    Judgement Series

    Just started Chapter 11 of Judgment last night. I'm about 25 hours in and holy crap. Great story but I totally misjudged (pun intended) how long it would take to beat this game.
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    Rate the Shenmue trilogy

    Shenmue - 9/10 - Great start Shenmue II - 10/10 - Great continuation Shenmue III - 7/10 - Needed more story progression but still good.
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    Shadowbox Project

    Thanks guys. Glad you like it. The Shenmue box is my final one for me until perhaps next year some time if I even make another for me. I might move forward eventually and look at series like Sonic, Zelda and Mass Effect. Currently I'm working on one for my brother who loves the Destiny games...
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    Shenmue Anime: First Trailer

    Ok... that means we'll probably end up with 3-5 seasons to complete the series.
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    Shenmue Anime: First Trailer

    Ok... so with 13 episodes at 15 minutes each, that's about 3.25 hours. I saw someone post that this may be season 1 meaning there could be more seasons. Has that been confirmed? Has it been confirmed that this anime will cover the entire series? I'm wondering if I should wait to watch it until...