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    What is your estimated global sales of shenmue 3

    You will only hear about sales numbers if the publisher is very confident or the numbers exceeded their own expected numbers. And this totally depends on the size and fame of the IP. So of course someone like Capcom is going to comment on a Resident Evil game selling 4, 5, 6 mil copies. But the...
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    General RGG Discussion Bets are open. Will they just keep making Yakuza style games but in a different setting or something completely different? A racing game? 1st person shooter? Mobile only? PC only?
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    Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $70bn

    I think something between 130 and 150 billion USD is actually what Sony is 'worth' but thats not their budget for acquisitions. The last comment i saw on this topic said that Sony has around 40 billion USD for buying stuff. So if they would buy EA, then the whole budget would be already gone...
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    Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $70bn

    I think Epic would be impossible because 40-60% of them are owned by Tencent. This wont work. EA with 40 bil USD is probably too expensive because thats around the budget Sony has and buying EA does not include licenses for EA's sport games. Its not possible to make something like Fifa...
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    I think they only said that the general playerbase and people who were actually interested in bying the main game + DLCs exceeded their expectations and not just by a little bit. There are some hints that it was actually downloaded over 8 million times in just a month when it was free. And...
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    Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $70bn

    @danielmann861 I think they will go the same path as with Bethesda. Whatever deals there already are with Sony, will be fulfilled but then with actual new projects / releases in 2024 and later, they will be Xbox / PC exclusive. COD too. The thing is, up until now, it made sense for Activision...
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    Premiering February 5th 2022 + New Trailer

    I feel sorry for Corey too but i think the recast was kind of necessary because in comparison to the first two games, you could sometimes really easily hear that he simply has a older / deeper voice in Shenmue 3. So now even more time has past and we are going all the way back to the beginning...
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    Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $70bn

    I dont think that Sony can actually do anything about that in terms of buying studios. Yes, Sony Playstation can buy and or already bought separate studios like Housemarque (Returnal), studios for single projects, but Sony can not compete with a 70 billion USD deal for a whole publisher. Thats...
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    Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $70bn

    In general i'm really not a big fan of these ... i dont know ... company battles. Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo and who has the biggest numbers and biggest exclusives and the best hardware and this and that ... the gaming market as a whole is so big and mainstream now, that i sometimes feel...
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    Judgement Series

    The lighting can look really nice in Lost Judgment
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    Judgement Series

    Yeah, i guess its really hard to balance because of how different playstyles can be. I know some RPG type of games where you actually can finish like almost all of the side content and activities in the first 1 or 2 chapters out of 5. But then there is nothing left to do in the world, you can...
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    Judgement Series

    I'm 50 hours in, still only chapter 4. All of the school activities are done / paused in this chapter and i just finished the whole girls bar thing. Also because of the skateboard points and then the VR sidemission, i already have like 10 mil Yen. Still a lot of fun, no problems so far. I...
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    General RGG Discussion

    Sega reported that they sold about 2.8 mil Yakuza game copies on PC which means about maybe 350 000 (some more, some less) per game (8 games available). I mean those arent omega huge sales numbers, considering that for example Yakuza 6 alone sold over 1 mil copies on PS4 (500 000 copies in...
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    The Idea of Shenmue Fans Privately Funding Shenmue IV & V

    Yeah Warhorse Studio had a very unique way, nothing of this was planned and it was very very very risky. They started from scratch with a completely new IP and studio, they had no real budget and no team, so they had to ask developer friends if they could work for them basically for free. They...
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    Judgement Series

    First two or three Grand Prix were fine (well, except that i never got the first place in the indoor map, but it was fine because i won on all the other maps) But i can already see dozens of destroyed drones there in the faster tournaments. It was the same in Judgment 1. The part in the bottom...