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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Ahh good to know. Thanks for the tip
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Aris playing through Shenmue 1 again. Big streamer who likes Shenmue. He's a little NSFW so if you have kids around maybe find something else lol.
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Aris playing Shenmue again
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Anyone been to Fenghuang yet(besides Lord Yu Suzuki)? What a beautiful place
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    Would we be able to love Shenmue the same way if the story ends as an animation?

    I was prepared for Shenmue to end via a manga or a visual novel. There was a time I would've been happy with the story finishing with stick men art. Definitely prefer a game, but if it must end via an animation I'd embrace it.
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    Shenmue 4 has to change if there's to be a Shenmue 5

    I'd be okay with small quality of life improvements like the ability to skip ahead to whatever time you need or fast travel at any time. Fixing the menu to reflect what's in your inventory. These would be easy things to do. It wouldn't be the worst possible compromise for casual players, but...
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    Famitsu article on 2021 Japanese game developer aspirations, featuring Yu Suzuki

    I liked the design of GoT too. They made open world treasure hunting actually fun for a change, and the combat progression system is easy to get into. It didn't feel like I had to wait too long to get into the good stuff. It didn't do anything really new(It has to be really hard for devs to...
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    Famitsu article on 2021 Japanese game developer aspirations, featuring Yu Suzuki

    I thought TLOU2 was well designed(Graphics, sounds, enemy AI wasn't bad), but the story was no good for me. It's definitely the perfect game journalist kind of game. Linear, simple themes to digest. Pick it up 1 time, beat it in 20 or so ours, write a review, and then they can fuck off and do...
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    Would you take a 'dumbed-down' Shenmue 4 over the alternative?

    I'd say option 1, 3, then 2 for me. If you remix the assets, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Even if they were the exact same without them doing anything new to them, I'd still be cool if it meant the traditional Shenmue experience. I'm fine with an increase on combat...
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    Shenmue 3 Playthroughs worth watching.

    Love ATP's playthrough. He cracks some jokes at the games expense at times, but don't be offended Shenmue fans that's just his brand of humor. He loved the game.
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Is Shenmue 3 still releasing on Steam? Would love to buy it again.
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    Did Shenmue 3 hurt the series?

    The fact that we even have to ask these questions, yeah I think the perception of the series took a bit of a hit. With that said onto the next one.
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    Yu Suzuki & Sakurai Chikara Q&A at Crunchy Roll Expo 2020

    If the ratings are good and demand is there, I wouldn't discount a season 2. Supply & Demand is the way of the world. Probably wouldn't bet on a season 2 for right now, unless it REALLY captures an audience(An epic cliffhanger wouldn't hurt either so that people are more tempted to buy the...
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    Should the Shenmue Anime bring back the original voice actors for Ryo?

    I love Corey, but I'm not really attached to any of the English VA's... Okay maybe with the exceptions of: Lan-Di's original voice, and Tom. Get the best people for the job, so that the series is presented well. "Best" for me would ideally be a combination of skill and popularity. Steve Blum...
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    Yu Suzuki & Sakurai Chikara Q&A at Crunchy Roll Expo 2020

    Suzuki looks like a straight up boss in that suit.