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    Why did Ryo race home in the beginning?

    This is what many have speculated, will be covered in the anime (and I'd be all for it too :D)
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    Yakuza Series

    I will say; after cleaning clocks in the first Yakuza (which only threw straight fastballs at you, just at varying speeds), regardless of what level of batting it was, I was in for a MAJOR surprise when I sucked ass at batting in Yakuza 2 (talking the originals, not the Kiwamis), so I know how...
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    Yakuza Series

    I actually like the memorization; it was the same thing for all the previous games too, btw, just not with the boxes like they have now ;)
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    Mental Health Dojo

    Answered the survey ;) BTW, BCD, it's not much right now (and it may never be), but if you want any tips for cooking for different foods to eat, head over to the Dojo Cooking Thread :D
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    What Tracks from the Shenmue 3 OST Are New?

    Might want to edit the font to NOT be black lol...
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    Dojo Cooking Thread

    So my last tomato (it somehow didn't get caught in the frost like everything else!) was finally ripe-enough to eat on Monday evening (It ripened for about 2 1/2 weeks, legit) and I made Caprese Salad with it. It was an orange Heirloom tomato and had a wonderful flavor. (the red one is a...
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Same! Was a nice surprise! My 'mue shelf is now a bit cluttered, but everything is well-represented :)
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    What if?

    That's 16 T bomb, thank you very much!
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    Shenmue World Issue 1 Kickstarter!

    This isn't a knock or criticism on anyone; just a legit, genuine question, but how come you have to wait until payday to back? Your card gets charged once the funding period ends, so who cares? lol
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    Yakuza Series

    Try doing them in Japanese... ... when you don't speak the language :'(
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    What is your estimated global sales of shenmue 3

    I believe, via Tomboz's numbers, that 250,000 was reached in like March or April.
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Mine says out for delivery, on tracking, as of 9:14 am. So I think it's in my mailbox as of right now :D
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    How many games did you complete this generation?

    Hmm, so if we're just going on games that CAME OUT this gen, that list is short (games I've beaten. Completed/Platinumed, will denote): All on PS4 or noted - Beat Kiwami (PS3) - Re-beat Ishin! (PS3) - Yakuza 6 (Platinum) - Re-beat Yakuza 0 - Kiwami 2 - Hokuto ga Gotoku - 'mue 1/2 HD...
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    Yakuza Series

    Try to complete the Quiz substories (and all the quizzes), then you'll be good for the business minigame, until the very end (when you'll need a few more platinum employees). Ride Nugget as long as possible though, for the shareholder meetings; despite being bronze, he's damn useful.
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Sadly, unless there's a timeskip, I don't see it happening. They are: - Still in Southern-China - Still in the summer But in 5, given that they're heading north and it'll probably be winter, you'll definitely see snow.