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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Shenmue IV being a more game with a traditional development, and not a kickstarter, it will be announced way closer to release. Possible a year before in the best case scenario. The prospect of being a bigger budget game sounds great to me.
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    Shenmue 2 xbox Signed by Yu Suzuki for sale.

    Hi bros. I have this really cool item for sale. As you can see in the pics, it's really me and the signature is 100% real. Will sell to the highest offer. In favor of privacy, will only reply to DMs. (The game itself, and the box are in really good condition) Please note that this is a...
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    RGG Thread (Yakuza + Judgement etc)

    this new judgment looks fucking incredible. Also, this studio really knows how to portrait drama in their stories. looks like a movie
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Considering the fact that nowadays even some of the most shity games, with poor sales, get sequels, I would say Shenmue4 as a very good chance. It all depends on how much Yu wanna make it. I hope the shenmue anime isn't just a way to tell the story to everyone and therefore avoind the hustle of...
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    Valve Steam Deck

    looks ugly compared to the slick nintedo switch. It should be way more powerfull tho
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    What are you playing?

    Been playing nothing but valorant. really fun fps!
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    Mental Health Dojo

    Hi bro! Man do I relate to your massage! oh boy. Sometimes i love my job and sometimes I hate it. Specially in those stressful days and weeks we go through sometimes. A life where we can't seem to enjoy our day is very hard to live as we are always wanting to the time to go fast just to end our...
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    Mental Health Dojo

    hang in there bro. Those times happen to me as well. I think it can be just a phase to be honest. you might be going through a change about what you love in life and that can bring about a lack of enthusiasm for things you used to love doing. I can certainly relate to that.
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    Looking for specific shenmue ARTWORK.

    BROO!!! It is!! Fantastic man! thank you and shenmue forever ;) ;) Looks awesome!
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    Looking for specific shenmue ARTWORK.

    no prob! I's an amazing image. It sucks that I didn't save it. Can't find it anywhere now.
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    Looking for specific shenmue ARTWORK.

    No man, thats an official image if I recall correctly. The one i'm looking for is a fan made artwork. It's in the harbor at night. Thank you very much for your reply!!
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    Looking for specific shenmue ARTWORK.

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for this particular shenmue fan art image, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. The image is made in an anime style, and it shows Ryo in the harbor, I think you can see master Chen and Ryo's bike. I'f i'm not mistaken, it's a snowy night (might not be the case) , and...
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    cant wait for that. hope it's not a low budget bad animated thing tho
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    Random Shenmue Anime Thoughts

    nice! vague but better than nothing!