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    Shenmue III Complete collectors edition

    They're stuck between a rock and hard place. If they're more open, all they can say will be "Covid delayed til at least August" which might open another can of worms from impatient customers (when the reason really should be obvious) The day job has been a nightmare for me with exact issue; we...
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    Shenmue III Complete collectors edition

    Covid has been affecting production/manufacture to cargo/distribution and everything in between. You most definitely can blame COVID still and most certainly understandable to miss a target release date
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    Yu Suzuki on Stage at Network Jungle II: Digitaliland

    Yes, alongside Yuki Naka They were two of the top advisors on the hardware. Hence Sonic Adventures, PSO and Shenmue, F355 being the best performing and stunning games on the consoles
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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    They're a user here! Check out their thread with some other great videos:
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    RGG Thread (Yakuza + Judgement etc)

    Yeah assumed so, otherwise they'd be using them illegally Obviously exploiting workers ain't cool, but I don't see how applies to Yakuza
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    RGG Thread (Yakuza + Judgement etc)

    First, hopefully none of the ladies are being exploited and held against their will (odd assumption to make?) Second, feels like the poster's heart's in the right place but are a bit immature thinking a bikini or nude model automatically need saving. Sex work is real work and usually they're...
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    Do you think Shenmue IV will show up at E3

    not to veer too off topic: Even though they still aren't as fast of throughput as PCI SSD and the Walk-Only asset load areas still be in games to accommodate hard disks... I really think Sony dropped the ball by not having at least 7200RPM standard in Slim/Pro PS4 and SATA SSD upgrade option...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Actually, I want horse stance to evolve to be like the NPCs do with arm and leg movements. Meditation should still be added, I hope!
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Ive dreamed of Shenmue 4 having a meditation mini game a few months back! Replace Horse Stance with Meditation, was what I was thinking
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    Happy PRIDE!

    Nice! I forgot to put up anything on last two streams but I did finally remember to mention yesterday Happy and safe pride celebrations all!
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    Sonic the Hedgehog thread

    Was there any confirmation taxman or pagoda west are doing the 3&K remaster for Origins?
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    What cancelled game do you still think about?

    Planet of the Apes for Dreamcast had me hyped despite barely showing even a teaser.
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    Shenmue World issue #2 tattoo submissions

    Hello all, One of the features we're working on for the second issue of Shenmue World will be about showing your Shenmue inspired tattoos! Use the thread here for submissions if you'd like your ink to be included! Thanks!!
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    How do you feel about the PS4/Xbox One generation of games?

    iirc Microsoft made the conscious effort when they still actually tried to sell in Japan
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    Random Gaming Thoughts

    RSVP'd Totally ditching work early if they choose me. Although I'll have to download Teams kvetch blech ugh