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    Random Shenmue Thoughts

    Shenmue theme synthwave/rock'n'roll remix by Villainest:
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    Random Gaming Thoughts

    Some Retroarch specialists there? I'm trying to continue Metropolis Street Racer on Flycast but I'm in trouble. I've a MSR .bin file in my "saves" folder in Retroarch appdata folder but ingame, the game says I've no save. If I boot the Dreamcast menu to explore my VMU content, there's no MSR...
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    The Shenmue Essence

    I think the very essence of Shenmue is that going from an A point to a B Point is a game-in-the-game as itself. Which is also the essence of globetrotting. In other words, you have to figure out what the current B point is, which is generally not seen as a "point" for the player, but a logical...
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    Random Shenmue Anime Thoughts

    I hope having the same joy I had when I discovered Sonic X on national TV. The anime had some flaws but the technique blew me away and seeing a straight adaptation of a Dreamcast game was something I could't believe possible. Shenmue the animation is another level of the impossible things I...
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    Should the Shenmue Anime bring back the original voice actors for Ryo?

    Replace them all. Voice continuity is decisive for children who urge to believe. Shenmue audience just want the best.
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    Yu Suzuki & Sakurai Chikara Q&A at Crunchy Roll Expo 2020

    According the new number of stripes, Yu wants to conquer the world.
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    The overdose of jokes too. While S1 was a bit too serious, S2 had the very right balance of humor. I hope Suzuki will not be too permissive this time, both with S4 and the anime as producer.
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    I would love to hear some reinterpretation since Shenmue remixes are very hard to find. I was underwhelmed by the heavy recycling in Shenmue 3. Composing music from scratch may be easier and more inspirational for the studio's artist rather than being forced to fill the blanks with premade...
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    Shenmue 3 music Similarities/Inspirations?

    Rather an unusual tone from one of the main composers of Final Fantasy series and Square Enix.
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    What Shenmue Anime Merch do you think will be available?

    +500 fanarts on Pixiv and Rule34
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    I do think he meant the anime is not there to end the saga instead of getting a proper video game. The "much higher budget than S3" and "not only fans" is puzzling me. Nothing new there but the idea of a revamped Shenmue formula is getting more and more concrete. Looks like Suzuki (or his...
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    Random thoughts: - While 13 episodes feel very short, the fast narrative might be the solution to make Shenmue "watchable" and unexpectedly catchy unlike Shenmue the Movie (although I think the movie has still a lot of proper charm) or any highlights re-using the ingame cutscenes. I'm still very...
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    People after the 13 episodes: "That was good but who is the girl shown in the opening then?"
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    SuperEyePatchWolf: "Shenmue III is a terrible game and I've wasted my life"

    I don't have the courage to watch the video. Being sat over 48 minutes to listen negative critics from an arguably true fan is probably going to hurt the fan I am myself. But, half part of me does think Shenmue III is a mediocre game. To me, a good game is always about to give you a wide...