Any plans for Shenhua clothing mods in Shenmue III?

Nov 29, 2019
I've noticed a lot of people are like me, and really dislike Shenhua's default costume in Shenmue III, with the main reason being it's kinda dull, and breaks immersion and continuity from what she wears at the end of Shenmue 2.

So I was just wondering / have a request: if any modders could please make a clothing mod for Shenhua, that's similar to her outfit from Shenmue 2. Or any clothing mods for her in general, would be most appreciated.


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Jul 30, 2018
Sorry for the bump, but i really need to know: is there really no one trying to make an og Shenhua outfit mod?

I accepted her wearing that new all-yellow dress, even though i'll never understand why they had to do change this detail over everything else.
But i always thought: no big deal, mods will fix this, and sooner or later we'll get it as a dlc for sure anyway.

But apparently no one's trying to make this kind of mod, neither officially nor on a fan level, and this is kind of depressing considering how many mods the Re3 Remake demo got in like two days or less. And it wasn't even the complete game!
I know that the Shenmue fanbase is super tiny in comparison, but damn... it hurts.

I want to make clear that i'm not complaining about people not doing stuff, or demanding anything at all, i'm just asking and reflecting about this situation.