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General RGG Discussion

I’m ashamed to say that Ishin is the only RGG Studio game that I’ve played that I won’t be finishing. I was on the last chapter too, but just couldn’t take it anymore.
No, I won’t say it’s a bad game. I just personally cannot stand it. It’s a nearly 10-year old game with nearly 10-year old mechanics/graphics/animation with a year 2023 price tag. This game would’ve been just fine had I played the PS4 copy I have 10 years ago. I mostly blame myself for my dislike of the game.

Kind of rambling here, but I’m just a little disillusioned by RGG’s output the past few years. Not sure what to think of these games anymore.
I enjoyed the game but I feel the formula is becoming somewhat tired now?
It’s not the formula I have an issue with. If anything, I want them to stick with the formula and continue to refine it, rather than shoehorn-in other mechanics that only distract from gameplay problems that have been with them from day one.

I think the issue I have with Ishin is just that it’s an old game with like, a 50% done new paint job. The mechanics haven’t changed, and I don’t think they’ve aged well at all. That being said, if this were sold for $30 instead of $70, then I’d be down with it.

But I also blame myself for not liking the game. I LOVED the HD remasters of Yakuza 3-5. But it’s also nostalgia talking. I had Ishin when it originally came out, but never finished it because I couldn’t understand what was going on. I always knew the game both looked and played good. With this “new” version, I just can’t bring myself to go back to these old mechanics while experiencing essentially a new story that I’ve never experienced.

So it’s like, we finally get Ishin localized AND with somewhat updated visuals as well. Why am I complaining? I don’t know man. I can’t help but feel a bit cheated having paid full-price for a 10-year old game. Yet, I’ve done that with plenty other remasters that have come out recently and have been perfectly happy with them. I’m just rambling. All I know is that I found Ishin to be a chore to play through, but I KNOW that if I played it 10 years ago I would’ve enjoyed it.
Is Ishin a bad Yakuza game?

Not at all. The original is 6th in my list of best titles in the series... I think? Lol

And few would have any argument there. But Leroy hit it on the head in terms of just slapping a new paint job on a 10 year old game and the paint job is done to cater to the new fans of the West (changing characters to the ones from 0 and 7 specifically {why not Kiwami? 6?} adding the cards that include celebrities, just a graphical update and nothing more, etc. ).

Like really, Takechi Hanpeita's original actor was brilliant and perfect. Why add in Kuze's actor and Riki Takeuchi? Why the little, fat shit from 7, who is literally in the game for less than a chapter?

They went with something that worked and buggered with it, so unnecessary.
I made the mistake of joining RGG/Yakuza groups on Facebook and Reddit. Those are full of new fans to the series. And while those who’ve never played the old games before 0/7 and appreciate them exist, they’re few and far between (but I appreciate them greatly). The majority are “Blockuza 3 bruh lol”. I left the groups immediately.

That said, I’m ashamed to admit I fall into that Blockuza 3 camp when it comes to the new Ishin. I’m man enough to admit that’s my bad.
You like what you like man, nothing wrong with that.

I tend not to join fangroups and ignore social media discourse, because what I usually look for is a celebration of the source material and exploration of the world/characters/lore.

Internet fangroups tend to be the polar opposite of that, especially in the current climate where everything is critiqued to death, endless gatekeeping and people seemingly being unable to enjoy anything. Not to mention the annoying meme culture and incredibly stupid terminology that is born when (mental) 15 year olds group together. Joining one of those - for any thing or franchise I like - would just end up depressing me. It's just the way of the internet.

Hell, I took a leap of faith joining this community after years of lurking and still read my share of terrible takes here, in this very thread even - and this is a forum with mostly nice people above the age of, say, 20.
Nah, wasn't talking about you guys specifically.

Even the most agreeable people are bound to disagree on some points and that's perfectly fine. It's more about how some people tend to express themselves, really. And since I joined this place, some of the rotten apples have already been warned or even permanently removed.

It's all good 🙂.
I actually appreciated a lot of his takes, but someone whom I will not mention did his usual shtick of irritating the shit out of him and NOT letting an argument die when Ichiban said he was done with it and he just said to said person, "F it, you're a POS and all of you loser 'mue fanboys who keep holding out hope for a 4th game can eat a bag of dicks and f off as well. Don't care about this toxic place anymore, blah blah."

He was right about a couple of things and unnecessarily rude (and wrong) about other things, but yeah, no coming back from that! :LOL:
lol that's ok: don't forget, I was one of the early ones who adopted the series and all, but even I played my first Yakuza game at the end of September, 2012; now, I had completed every single game in the series released up to March, 2013 (including the Kurohyos) by March, 2013 (no way in Hell I would be left behind for the series after that lol), but it took me 7 years to finally play the series.

There's always time :)
I just can't get excited for this series when I'm left holding an empty Shenmue bag still. Had the third managed some sort of rushed ending, I'd have had my closure... but with still no ending... I dunno.

I'll eventually try out Lost Judgment as I enjoyed the first, but it'll wait until a complete edition release with all DLC or massive price drops on both the main game and the DLCs.
Yay, more news on Gaiden! :D

And big f'n deal on this Kson chick: who is she, just a streamer who is a fan of the games?

This is what I have been beating a dead horse about, when it comes to the fans: Make your own damn decisions and if you ask for fan input vis a vis a vote or character election (like they did for Ishin! and the chicks in 0), then great. Otherwise, don't allow fans to sway you: we all saw what happened with 'mue III.
Kson used to be Hololive’s dragon vtuber, Kiryu Coco, done dirty when she mentioned Taiwan in one video and butthurt trolls tried to get her fired and harassed her endlessly. Thankfully she’s found success outside of them. Anyway, not sure if she had already been a fan of the series or if it was a coincidence, but good for her. Something like being a side character in the game seems pretty harmless to me, when it comes to discussion on internet personalities getting included just for clout.
Kson is a american - japanese Vtuber (started in 2016). I think she was born in the US but then moved to Japan.
Her parents are japanese.
She streams in english and japanese. She is a big fan of the Yakuza series,
for example she streamed the original Ishin four years ago.
Her real life content is a little bit on the ... lewd but funny side i guess.
At least when shes streaming IRL and not as a avatar. Like no explicit stuff
but baiting the viewers with skimpy outfits, making jokes about her underwear
or inviting other girls to talk about their breast size and stuff like that. Of course not every video is about that,
she has normal gaming videos and stuff like that
but ... i guess her personality is a little bit more open about this stuff than what you would expect from a 2023
"professional content creator". Not that this is a bad thing.

Kson received 35 votes from the jury, Kokoro Nakayama 33, Ai Sayama 30, Ai Kaname 25, Ayu 20.
I think all of them will appear in Gaiden but only Kson will appear in Gaiden and Yakuza 8.
In Kson's case, i personally wouldnt count this as specifically trying to appeal to the west,
because Kson still had to go through all of the different audition steps in Japan, speaking japanese.
So she actually had to proof that she belongs in the game, convincing the actual japanese staff members.
So it wasnt the team simply asking her to do it, she had to show the team that she wants it.

To me thats not the same thing as Sega USA asking some influencers / streamers directly
if they want to be a part of a game, just because they are well known in the internet.
They didnt had to proof anything.

And i'm not a Kson fan or whatever, i only know these couple of clips and videos,
but i very much prefer this audition style to the publisher just buying influencers.

And yeah, i know that for example people like Cohh wouldnt have a chance at a japanese audition
because they cant speak the language. But maybe thats exactly the point.
Maybe we dont need random western english speaking influencers / content creators
in a game series that contains people like Takeshi Kitano, Takuya Kimura, real JAV girls and so on.

Thats like inviting a japanese Youtuber to be a part of the next Kingdom Come game ... why?
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