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And i still have to give this game a big bonus point for its combat.
I'm not really a turn based combat fan, i can play stuff like FF9 or whatever and its fine
but it doesnt really excite me. Same for the old Yakuza brawler style gameplay.
Its fine, it works but if i play like Yakuza 0 für 100 hours, the brawler gameplay is nothing special anymore for me
after 30 hours. Then i'm most likely just repeating 1-2 of the moves that do the most dmg.
I'm not even really looking at the screen anymore, its just whatever.

But i'm like 130 hours in Infinite Wealth now and i have to say the combat is still really fun.
I never thought to myself that the combat is boring in this whole time frame. Not even once.
You can do so many job combinations in your group, keep skills from other jobs, buffs, de buffs, group attacks,
skill combos ... even the basic attacks work very well with the team partner coop attacks.
The group collision damage is great. You can throw all these types of grenades and there are
tons of status effects like bleeding and so on. You can stun enemies, let enemies fight for you, poison them ...
Suddenly you can directly control a character brawler style like in the old games as a special move.
And if you are overleveled for a basic fight, just end the fight with one button.
I also really like that you can unlock all of the character outfits as job costumes.
So theres always something new to look at. It all helps to keep things fresh.

Yeah, this is great. I honestly would give this whole combat mechanic like a 9 out of 10.
I think there could be some adjustments in terms of where your characters are allowed to go
and how much the enemies are allowed to move in a fight but other than that
i think this is really good combat gameplay.
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Finally beat the game last night. I liked it enough, WAY more than Y7. Seriously, Y8’s presentation is such a vast improvement that I can’t imagine going back and sitting through Y7’s story again.

Graphics I thought were generally good and probably the best (technically) the series has looked, but everything in Hawaii was a mixed-bag. A lot of it looked like an upscaled version of Y3, with the overly-glossy NPCs and the grass textures whenever it rained. The cinematics were incredible, though. And it really was hard to tell at times when an in-game cutscene was playing or an actual cinematic (same thing with Gaiden).

Nobody will EVER convince me that switching to turn-based combat for the series was “exactly what the series needed”, but I did enjoy it for what it was.

Overall, I thought it was a great game. That said, I think I’m starting to get tired of the direction the series is heading in. The games have always had a positive outlook in their stories, no matter how dark they got at times. But I found Y8 to be just a bit too “Full House” for me, like all the characters would just hug it out in the end.
Nothing to do with the topic really but i'm playing Rise of the Ronin and i feel like it has exactly the same look / colors / vibe as the original Yakuza Ishin PS3 / PS4 game.
And this look (muted colors, nothing flashy) just works way better with the setting than what they did in Ishin Remake.

Rise of the Ronin_20240323190620ed.jpg
Rise of the Ronin_20240323201159.jpg
Rise of the Ronin_20240323185023ed.jpg
Rise of the Ronin_20240324105959ed.jpg
I finished Gaiden recently, as Isaid before I put it on hold to focus on FF7 Remake/Rebirth &then to focus on Yakuza/LID.

I liked the game a lot but did have some glaringissues with the narrative. Firstly, Kiryu's disguise got old fast - the first encounter at the docks everyone knows who he is & hejust denies it... Not that that would stop the repercussions of'Kiryu'' emerging from the shadows again. The second point on hisidentity is - Why did he spend most of his time in Sotenbori?A place where he has been in multiple games now. Why not have theDaidoji Clan based more near Ijincho? A briefpart of early game is set there but most of the game is inSotenbori. I just feel the idea around Kiryuhiding his identity was handled all wrong, it was often him stepping his foot in affairs rather than being pursued.

I did enjoy most of the story but them twopersistent problems ran throughout. I felt Akame was a decentside-character & appreciated the Castle Location. As a Yakuza 3fan though, the last moment hit hard & I'm grateful the serieshasn't abandoned its roots with the orphanage.

I did have problem with the combat, it just felt alittle sluggish in comparison to previous Yakuza games. Mostly whenit came to targeting opponents or combos that would miss. The gadgetswhere fun but felt a little too silly.

The side content was pretty generous consideringthe intended scale of the game (Took me 25 hours), I did most of thesmall quests and some of the bigger ones which had decent writing butstill the lack of budget does show in these sections.

I had fun with the game but just feel the gamesdirection around Kiryu's identity was handled all wrong. I haven'tplayed Infinite Wealth yet so I am still willing to overlook itsshortcomings - Very excited to play it, debating to even replay Yak7on NG+ to breeze through the story again beforehand.
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That's cool, different strokes for different folks.

The identity thing isn't a problem at all: he's a legendary Yakuza, he'll be known everywhere from Hokkaido to Kyushu, so it doesn't matter where goes; it's a nitpicky gripe.

I echo you on the combat for the gadgets (SUPER gimmicky), but the combat on the whole was super, I felt: had a ton of fun from beginning to end.

And indeed, Akame is awesome, one of the 5 best females of the series.