Help Skillbooks

Jul 27, 2018
Hey Guys,

i had lately some time to play and grind a bit in Shenmue 3. So I deceided to get some Trophies.

I have Problems with the Skillbook Trophy though.

I've collected now exactly 92 Skillbooks but the Trophy didn't show up.

Those are the Skillbooks I have:

  1. Jab
  2. Hook
  3. Uppercut
  4. Spin Kick
  5. Stepping Knee Strike
  6. High Front Kick
  7. Tiger Knuckle
  8. Downward Punch
  9. Knee Strike
  10. Rain Thrust
  11. Twist Knuckle
  12. Elbow Slam
  13. Mantis Combo
  14. Crescent Kick
  15. Reaper's Kick
  16. Avalanche Lance
  17. Razor Flash
  18. Double Blow
  19. Lunging Strike
  20. Oblique Slam
  21. Pit Blow
  22. Mud Spider
  23. Twin Blades
  24. Trample Kick
  25. Hold Against Leg
  26. Uphill Battle
  27. Brutal Tiger
  28. Upper Knuckle
  29. Thigh Combo
  30. Sword Kick
  31. Cannon Blow
  32. Stab Armor
  33. Big Wheel
  34. Iron Palm
  35. Katana Mist Slash
  36. Brawling Uppercut
  37. Counter Ellbow Assault
  38. Ellbow Assault
  39. Tornado Kick
  40. Stinging Elbow
  41. Back Twist Fist
  42. Backfist
  43. Spinning Backfist
  44. Iron Palm
  45. Charging Fist
  46. Two-Wheeled-Fist
  47. Demolishing Fist
  48. Breaking Wave
  49. Spiral Leg
  50. Interior Dorsal Kick
  51. Ground Kick
  52. Lawnmower
  53. Interior Knee
  54. Heaven Flip
  55. Charging Knee
  56. Ankle Sweep
  57. Flying Spear
  58. Roundhouse Kick
  59. Heel Kick
  60. Shinbone Smash
  61. Reverse Heel
  62. Back Roundhouse Kick
  63. Knee Kick
  64. Blazing Kick
  65. Tiger Thigh
  66. Scorpion Tail
  67. Spiral Cut
  68. Lotus Cutter
  69. Breakout
  70. Eclipse Kick
  71. Engulfing Strike
  72. Hidden Sandstorm
  73. Chained Fist
  74. Twin Lotus
  75. Shower of Spears
  76. Grievous Strike
  77. Brwaling Uppercut 2
  78. Dancing Fist
  79. Sudden Shear
  80. Turbulent Trust
  81. Mountain Crusher
  82. Maelstrom Strike
  83. Tiger Combo
  84. Twin Palm Flurry
  85. Searing Flame
  86. Rending Palm
  87. Burrowing Full Moon
  88. Four Sided Kick
  89. Chained Pit Slash
  90. Thunder Palm
  91. Tiger's Fury
  92. Dancing Swallow

Are there still some missing? I'm playing the Day One Version with the Backer Code for 260 $. Do I have to Master them or use them at least one time that they are counted? The most are labeled as "new". Maybe Thats the problem? I don't know. I hope someone can help me.

Thank you in advance.



Jul 14, 2018
Possibly cross reference them with the skillbook gallery in the Dojo media gallery HERE.

If the trophy still hasn't shown, then it looks to be a case of bad luck, and you might have to do a NG+. I know I will have to since I am doing a 100% trophy playthrough now, and the Catfish Rally didn't show up.


Jul 14, 2018
You are more than welcome. I am currently on a full trophy playthrough and have gotten all available skillbooks in Bailu (except for those you cant get at the pawnshop due to the toy capsules not being available until Niawou). I will keep an eye on mine and see id there are any hidden/difficult to get ones.

I am not even sure if those Bailu pawnshop skillbooks are obtainable in Niawou, so perhaps a NG+ is essential, due to bringing those toy capsules into it?