Judgement Series

Any word on the future of the franchise or is it still too soon to tell? Did they ever settle the whole PC ordeal that happened?
Any word on the future of the franchise or is it still too soon to tell? Did they ever settle the whole PC ordeal that happened?

Not a single word about the Judgment PC future / problem from Sega.
They didnt even acknowledge that there is a problem.
Yakuza 8 is coming 100% and RGG Studio has more unannounced products
but we dont know if its Judgment 3 or Kenzan Ishin Remake, Kenzan Ishin Sequel, Prequel ...
no idea.
While there's no guarantee we'll even get a third game, I sure hope they don't have the intention to 'only' make three of them.

I love crime/detective stories and Judgment is like Yakuza meets Columbo.

If anything I'd like to see them lean into the detective portion in future installments even harder and make those sections a lot more difficult. As in 90s Point-and-Click difficult. Not that I believe we'd see that happen for accessibility reasons, but still.

On a sidenote, I hope the rumored Judgment TV show with the same cast is actually happening.
Almost done chapter 3 of the Kaito files, been a great ride so far! I would've been done over a month ago if I didn't get so busy the past few weeks, but it is indeed a treat to play something new like this.

The plot is excellent thus far! Jun is a little brat :LOL: and the Shogi scene was AWESOME :LOL:
I see Lost Judgment is being released on PS+ Extra! So looks like I will be replaying the 1st game soon.

Is the DLC for LJ subtantial? Without spoilers... is it set within middle of the story or not? There was only 1 DLC story segment right?
I'd say the Kaito Files is pretty substantial.

IIRC it's set after the main story. It's the only story-related DLC for the game and essential content if you're a fan.

I've seen the season pass go cheaper than its separate parts, so that's definitely something to keep an eye on.
What You said: absolutely substantial for a DLC and it takes place after the events. It's more of the same in terms of beats and format, but is a bunch of fun :)
I don't doubt we won't get another game, but I'm not sure if KimuTaku will be a part of it: Kaito Files, IMO, was a test-run to see if the fanbase would be willing to play a series as him... but he's a mini-Kiryu, so that would seem like a major rehash.
I'm fine with Kaito as a character and as Yagamis partner / friend
but i'm honestly not interested in a full Judgment series game with Kaito as main detective.
How to say it ... hes too raw for the role. Imagine all of the disguise, clue finding, agile, whatever work
that Yagami did in these two games and now imagine Kaito doing it instead.
Its like Dwayne Johnson playing James Bond.
I kinda get what you're saying, but I'm not sure that comparison holds up.

The rough-around-the-edges P.I. has been a popular archetype dating all the way back to the black & white days of detective stories.
And while it's true that Yagami is a bit more refined and slick due to the nature of his character and education, he's not exactly a secret intelligence agent type character either.

While I believe we'll get a third game and have at least some confidence it'll star Yagami, if anything The Kaito Files IMO proved Kaito can work as a main protagonist, even if he approaches situations differently and tends to have other means of getting results.

I can somewhat relate to the concerns over Kiryu comparisons, but I think Kaito is different enough to stand on his own. Besides, people generally seem to want more Kiryu content and this would - in a sense - be a fresh way to do it.