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Main Site Change Log

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Jul 14, 2018
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Hi everyone!

This thread will serve as the change log for the Shenmue Dojo Main Site. All new features, enhancements and fixes will be updated here going forward, that way you can see what is new or what has changed etc.

Version #7.0
Launched: Friday 27th July, 2018

- New Shenmue Dojo launched ?

Version #7.1 (Jump to post)
Released: Tuesday 7th August, 2018

New Feature

- Twitch Stream Integration.

- Increased performance of Game Page by reducing game cover sizes by ~75%.
- Changed Game Intro Section background to a generic Shenmue background.

Version #7.2 (Jump to post)
Released: Tuesday 6th May, 2019

New Feature

- Dynamic Header

++ Various Bug fixes
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Version #7.1 - Feature Details
Released: Tuesday 7th August, 2018

Twitch Stream Integrations
front-page stream.png

When The Shenmue Dojo Streams, users will be able to view the stream and comment on it on the main site. During streaming, news is pushed down, and the stream takes center stage. Once the stream is over, its back to normal.

stream fullpage-min.png
The user can also view the whole stream and chat in fullscreen mode directly from the front page of the main site.

Game Page Intro Banner
The banner for the game intro section has been optimised for speed and readability.

From this:
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 08.24.12.png

To this:
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 08.23.48.png
Media section additions:

- Shenmue I & II re-releases
  • all general items added (95)
  • all toy capsules added (458)
  • all cassette tapes added (30)
  • all photos added (30)
  • all moves scrolls added (26)
  • all maps added (29)
(both games have been combined into the relevant sections. For example, items, toy capsules and others for both games will be in the one gallery)

- Shenmue Side Story
  • old images removed
  • new HQ images added (16)

- Xbox Bonus Images
  • old images kept
  • new HQ images added (18)

- Steam Backgrounds, Cards & Emotes
  • backgrounds (3)
  • trading cards (16)
  • emotes (2)
Apologies (if anyone noticed) about a lot of our media page being missing. Thanks to a recent update by WordPress about 3 quarters of the page disappeared. I have rebuilt it, and it's back to having everything readily available. There will be more content added over the coming weeks too so more updates will be posted in here once live.
Games section updated:
  • Shenmue III cover
  • Shenmue III text

Media section additions:

- Shenmue III
  • Development Screenshots (7)
- Shenmue Galleries
  • Virtua Fighter beta characters (283)
  • Beta Locations (194)
  • Shenmue II Cutscene Areas (133)
- Shenmue Events (2015-present)
  • Dobuita Fan Meet 2018 (73)
  • L.A. Fan Meet 2019 (44)
  • MAGIC 2019 (232)
- Misc. Shenmue Galleries
  • Shenmue III - UK Magazine Scans (11)
Version #7.2 - Feature Details
Released: Tuesday 6th May, 2019

Dynamic Header

In this update we included a feature we wanted for a while, but never got around to. Inter changing header images on the front page. As for now, on page load/reload the image on the top changes, we might change this later on so that it changes "live". Many thanks to @RIKENZ for allowing us to use his images!

Currently there are 7 images (which includes the standard "clean" background). We will be adding more later on.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but our Media Gallery is having some issues. Despite showing no thumbnails whatsoever, the images are... there, if you hover your cursor over any area of the page. It's a bit of a weird issue that will take us some time to figure out, but hopefully we have things back to normal ASAP.

Edit: Now working again
Media section additions:

- Shenmue
  1. Complete Notebook (76)
- Shenmue Galleries
  1. Beta Screenshots (108)
- Shenmue Passport
  1. Screenshots (52)
  2. Profiles: Headshots (360)
  3. Profiles: Character Models (337)
  4. Places: Maps (5)
  5. Places: Location Images (102)
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Media section structure tweaks.

Media section additions:

- Shenmue III
  1. Logos (1)
  2. Kickstarter Main Page (28)
  3. Kickstarter Rewards (43)
  4. Kickstarter Updates (139)
  5. Concept Art(5)
  6. 3D Renders
  7. Seasonal Art (11)
  8. Cover Art (18)
  9. Development Screenshots
  10. Inside YSNET (82)
Updated to latest version of WordPress and PHP 7 last night with minimal issues. All plugins have been updated to the latest version and are currently functional as intended.
Upgraded to Wordpress 5.4, with all plugins also updated.

Media section additions:

Magazine Database - Shenmue I & II
  • Game Informer Magazine - (March 1999) (2)
  • Edge Magazine - (April 2020 - Yu Suzuki Collected Works) (11)

Magazine Database - Shenmue III
  • PSX Extreme - (November 2019) (7)
  • Neo Magazine - (November 2019) (7)
  • Official Playstation Magazine - (November 2019) (3)
  • VGTOME - (November 2019) (8)
  • Game Informer Magazine - (November 2019) (11)
  • M Games! - (December 2019) (4)
  • PC Gamer - (December 2019) (3)
  • Official Playstation Magazine - (January 2020) (3)
  • PC Gamer - (February 2020) (5)
  • Edge Magazine - (February 2020) (5)

Yu Suzuki
  • New images (some may be duplicates) (120)

We will have more content coming throughout the year, across all of our outlets, but we are currently understaffed and it will take a little longer.
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