Ryuji Iuchi: Equipment Used to Compose Music for Shenmue I & II


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Jul 28, 2018
Translation of a blog post by Shenmue composer Ryuji Iuchi (who composed over 100 pieces for the first two games), talking about the various equipment he used while composing the Shenmue music at SEGA.




It would be interesting to hear any comments from any composers here at the Dojo on some of this equipment and its popularity back.in the late 90s.
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Aug 3, 2018
Someone that I know used that Yamaha 01v for a few albums. The EQ was quite sterile and you needed to turn the knobs a lot before you heard a significant change in sound. I once thought of buying the upgraded Yamaha 01v96 myself, but chose something different in the end.

I like the Yamaha DX7. One of the iconic sounds of the 80ies. I noticed that there seems to be a DX7 inspired synthesizer in the music store in Shenmue 3. As well as a capsule toy of it. I think that they called it a BX7 or something?

A few examples :

Roland SC-88 is the real shit. I miss the midi days. :"")
How do you mean? The video game era with midi music? Yeah, those soundtracks had a certain vibe.

Besides the sound itself, midi is still useful. All my new interfaces still have midi ports and I'm not a huge user but besides instruments, sound engineers also use midi controllers to change reverb, EQ,... parameters in their DAW. It's also used here and there for remote preamplifier control.
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