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Oct 27, 2019
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Now is time for the beloved Dreamcast, home of the masterpiece series Shenmue. 😊

This custom Shenmue Dreamcast is so beautiful. 😍


On November 27, 1998, SEGA released the Dreamcast, SEGA'S last console, in Japan. The Dreamcast was priced competitively, in part due to the use of off-the-shelf components, but also featured the technology that enabled gaming technically more impressive than its direct competitors, the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation.

A 56k analog modem was also included, allowing for online multiplayer. It featured titles such as the action-puzzle title ChuChu Rocket!, Phantasy Star Online, the first console-based MMORPG, Quake III Arena, and Alien Front Online, the first console game with online voice chat.

The Dreamcast is home to several innovative and critically acclaimed games of the time, including one of the early cel-shaded titles, Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind radio in North America); Seaman, a game that involves communicating with a crappie creature through the microphone; Samba de Amigo, a rhythm game involving the use of maracas, and Shenmue, a game with free play and a detailed in-game city.

Faced with debt and competition from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, SEGA halted production of the Dreamcast consoles in 2001. The last game SEGA released for Dreamcast was Puyo Pop Fever in 2004.

I have Dreamcast and is one of my favorite consoles, i love the design of the console, i love the controller, the VMU and much more.

The Dreamcast community is amazing in my opinion, always thinking about how to continue to make the Dreamcast alive with online for PSO and other games, things to improve the experience, new games and much more, it is so beautiful and amazing.

You have Dreamcast? you have favorite games and dearest memories because of this console?

The thread to talk everything about Dreamcast, thank you.

Ah yes the Dreamcast. One my favourite consoles of all time and my first Sega console. I got mine in July of 2000 for Code Veronica but I did not last long until I was impressed by the quality of the other games. The Dreamcast is my favourite 6 gen system next to the Gamecube. I still believe that the Dreamcast was a better console than the Ps2. Maybe not an paper but the games aged better and the DC has a way better image Quality due to VGA than the PS2.

But just like with the Saturn I did not release that back then. I fell for the gaming press overhyping the PS2 again so I ignored the Dreamcast rather fast. Although I knew Shenmue back then the PS2 hype made me ignore it and did last until 2018 until I got my Dreamcast copies of S1 and 2. I still have many DC games to try out and play.

My favourite games so far are

Shenmue 1 and 2
RE Code Veronica
Blue Stinger
24 hours le Mans
Virtua Figher 3
Soul Caliber
Sonic Adventure
What can be said about the Dreamcast which hasn't already been said?

To paraphrase Bret Hart, it's the best there is, the best there was, and the best there is ever going to be.

And when AVGN reviewed Seaman, it's funny he pointed out that he hasn't bashed any DC games is a testament to how great it was.
At the time, the Dreamcast was a motherfucking masterpiece.
To play that console in 1999, was like playing something coming out of the future.
Agreed - I can't remember as big of a leap in graphics and technology as the Dreamcast. The original Soul Calibur was light years ahead of anything I've ever seen before (for reference, I started gaming around the NES/Famicom era). PS1/N64 were impressive because that generation was the first to popularize 3D games on consoles, but that leap didn't even feel close to the Dreamcast.

I think DF's Shenmue 1 review has a few moments that sums it up:

Most of its games hold up to this day

They do indeed. Even with RGB Dreamcast games looked rather nice but using the VGA mode made the DC games really shine. Even up to this day. The Dreamcast has way better image quality than the overhyped PS2. The picture is as good as the picture quality of the gamecube with component mode that came out years later.

The only thing the Dreamcast lacked was not existing marketing outside the states. The US marketing was on spot but here in Europe Sega wasted tons of money with sponsoring soccer teams and making the official Dreamast Magazine a weird lifestyle magazin. Sega of Europe was run by morons around that time. The states also had a much better official Dreamcast Magazine. The official german mag was just weird. The official UK magazine was not better but at least the Brits had some good unofficial magazines to make that up. There was not a decent german mag around that time which did not help the DC in the marketing department either.

In marketing Sega was literally crushed by Sony. With better marketing things could have been different. Not saying that Sega could have won but before 2002 the PS2 was a joke. The games did not look that much better than the Sega Stuff und the DC could match the games of the Sony platform. After 2002 the superiority became evident but until that point Sega could have sold many more Dreamcast with better marketing.

The DC did not deserve that quick end. It will always be a pity.
What can be said about the Dreamcast which hasn't already been said?

To paraphrase Bret Hart, it's the best there is, the best there was, and the best there is ever going to be.

And when AVGN reviewed Seaman, it's funny he pointed out that he hasn't bashed any DC games is a testament to how great it was.
"Best there ever will be." ** ;)

It is absolutely my favourite console of all-time, I own the most games per console for it, than anything else I own and I am still playing things to this day.

I know it had its fair share of turds, but the sheer percentage of the total titles that are high-quality is absolutely immense; it's like the Sega CD in that the REALLY good games are among the best in their respective genre, for that generation and it's like the Genesis, in that there are a ton of superb titles in every genre, from the beginning of the console's life to the end (though it is lacking in number, for a few genres, namely FPSs... but the ones that are for the DC are incredibly-good).

It is also the home to the greatest videogame ever crafted, 'mue II and Soul Calibur took 3 or 4 more releases, to get a game as high in quality (they're all good titles, but the first is beyond-special), not to mention that games like Ikaruga, Skies of Arcadia, Rush 2049/TXR2/MSR, The NFL and NBA 2K series, SMF/Sega Bass 2, RE: CV are all among the best titles in their respective genres, OF ALL TIME.

And the innovation! Full online out of the box (took until PS3 to get to that level), the VMU, Fishing controller used the same tech as the Wii, 7 years prior, I'm glad that Sega was able to have one last hurrah at the console market, rather than just fading away like literally every other console maker beforehand.
I'll just tweak my post from the old Dreamcast thread...

My favourite games for the system:

Sonic Adventure 1 & 2: The first Sonic games I played (no Mega Drive :(). I loved the colourful characters and the Crush 40 soundtracks were cool as hell!

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation & Tomb Raider: Chronicles: Aged like milk, but I loved these games as a kid for their challenge which I rarely hear people beat, and if they do it's always thanks to a guide. Also, Lara Croft is fabulous! 💁‍♀️

Resident Evil 2 & 3: Pure 90's cheese-fest awesomeness. I definitely prefer the B-movie style Resident Evil games over the more recent ultra-serious ones. LLOOOK AT THOSE MONSTERSSS!!!!!!

Crazy Taxi 1 & 2: With all the "We don't use the word 'fun', we create art" 🧐 insufferable French horn fart-huffing lately, I really do miss these more unapologetically batshit crazy games where you're jumping a taxi over buildings to get the priest to KFC.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape: Michel Ancel's swansong. One of the best 90's 3D platformers and the fact that Ubisoft has ported it to almost every system is a testament to how brilliant it is.

Shenmue: My all-time favourite game series. I got this game as a gift from my brother-in-law around 2002 and spent that summer glued to the TV. The story has left me just as hooked 20 years later, and now I'm itching for Shenmue 4!
My favorite console. So many groundbreaking games and games which areamong the best in their respective genres . Shenmue 1 & 2, Skies of Arcadia, Ikaruga, Under Defeat, Rez, King of Fighters 2002, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Virtua Fighter 3, F355, Virtua Tennis,and so on and so forth.

What a legendary machine. Love it.

Quite a funny article. Too me it sounds like a excuse from the bad Sega exutives like Moore to shift the blame.

Technically he is not wrong but if Moore and his Suit buddies would have acted a beat smarter the fud from Sony won't have done much damage. Sony overhyped the ps2 a lot but compared to the attacks good old Ken Kutaragi launched against the 360 when marketing the ps3 the ps2 hype was harmless. Micrsoft managed it to fend off the hype. Sega could have managed that too. The ps2 and the ps3 had 2 things in common. The first generation of games of the ps2 and the ps3 did not live up to hype. The DC had a fighting chance if Sega had some money left which they did not not. I am aware of that.

Sony did not help with the overhype but I will always believe that i was Sega that killed Sega and not the ps2. The ps2 overhpye did not help but in the end it were the Sega people that decided to give up and not the decision from Sony.
Yeah. Sega was selling a lot of Genesis/Mega Drives back in the day, but they were selling them at cost - or even cheaper - so they weren't making profits. Sega sold the Genesis and the Dreamcast in a way if Starbucks sold their coffee at cost.
Another big problem of Sega was that the whole Sega Empire was fragmented. They did not think as a Unit. Sega of Japan, Sega of Europe and Sega of Japan operated independently. And each side thought that they were the greatest. They lacked gobal plan and global vision.

It is easy to blame Sega for that stupid infighting in retro perspective but it was the just how things were.

Such way of thinking was common in business back then.

That did not change before Sony came in. When the playstation buisness started in the west the SCEA people did not take Japan seriously. One american CEO was against everything Sony of Japan did according to the book Visionaries at Sony. The controller was bad, the name playstation was bad and so forth. I did not know if it was Race, Olafson or somebody else. The book did not mention names.

In the end Sony of Japan eliminated these folks and the japanese side took over and lead Playstation to sucess. If Sony allowed that infighting to happen the playstation sega could have ended with the ps1 already.

Sega allowed that infighting to happen that weakend the base. The also wasted tons of money with meaningless projects. The whole Dural vs Black belt Sega for example.

Why wasting money for 2 projects if just one project will pay off? The lawsuit with 3dfx costed even more money.

Sega had great visions made great games but Sega tha time was run by a bunch of morons just like Adam Koralik said in his Saturn Video.
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