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Shenmue Anime Spoilers, Dojo Content and More


Jul 24, 2018
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Hey guys,

With the Anime mere days away I wanted to update everyone on how things will be working regarding spoilers and our upcoming content.

Each episode will have a topic created, marked with a spoiler title. Then it is really enter at your own risk territory. For the immediate future please keep any discussion/theories about upcoming episodes in there. We may even create a theories topic with spoiler markings to separate that out if demand takes us that way.

Secondly the Dojo is going to be pumping out a raft of content to do with the Anime. James and I will be going weekly on our podcasts to cover the 13 weeks + a final analysis show. Episodes will air on Radio SEGA on Thursday evenings, with releases elsewhere Friday/Saturday. Again these main contain spoilers so listen at your own risk.

On top of that we will be hosting weekly watch along streams. Obviously we can't share footage but we will be talking about the episode as it goes and provide immediate reaction and analysis. Join us if you want to watch with us or just to discuss what you have seen in the episodes thus far. 8pm GMT every Sunday from the 6th onwards! Spoiler risk here too!

We will be producing blog posts on each episode. @Hiki is going to be looking into the lore around each episode and potentially span off into fan theories. We also a community member waiting in the wings to post a weekly recap, ready for a Monday morning, for each episode. They will be announced with their first contribution!

Next in line is the interview series. Given the time constraints with us going weekly this is going to be tough to manage but I have one Anime VO confirmed for the show and another I am discussing dates/times with. I am awaiting 2 more but in general the interview series is going to take a backseat to the other content around the Anime. That said if I get on who I am trying to I will, of course push, these out ASAP.

Lastly is our other content. Titch's bi-weekly streams will continue + James and I will be streaming on the 4th of each month. The unboxing series will continue if time allows but I am keen to do a couple of episodes for the 11LP set and Shenmue 3 complete edition. Add in our increased presence on social media and it really all systems go for the Dojo.

That should take us to around May where we will likely need a holiday. Once that holiday is complete then it will be onto then Shenmue 4 announcement (fingers crossed it happens this year) and pushing for a season 2 of the Anime.

Thank you to all your support so far. Stay with us as we keep working to provide the best content possible and bring the HYPE as this could be the start of something truly special for the franchise!
How do I comment on the main site? I've enjoyed the content that has come so far for the anime and wanted to show my support.
How do I comment on the main site? I've enjoyed the content that has come so far for the anime and wanted to show my support.
That's a good question and one I don't have an immediate answer to.

Your support is very much appreciated :) but if you wanted to let anyone know then by all means Twitter is the best place and drop us a sub on Youtube :)