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Shenmue Dojo Show - Episode 6: Prospects of Shenmue 4

James Brown

Jul 23, 2018
Join James, Matt and Peter for an extensive chat about the prospects of a Shenmue 4.

In this episode we discuss Shenmue The Animation, give our reviews of Shenmue 3, and relate our thoughts into a conversation about Shenmue 4.

To round off the show we cover the latest Shenmue news inside and outside of the community, and end with a fun Shenmue quiz, coined "The Shenmue Dojo Challenge".

Please give us your thoughts and feedback on this episode wherever you please, be it on Twitter, the Forums, or any of our contact options - we'd love to know what you thought!

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Anchor: https://anchor.fm/shenmue-dojo/episodes/Shenmue-Dojo-Show-Episode-6---Prospects-of-Shenmue-4-e15tviu
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0NZHurqB3NVxlO0knT5aGp?si=4cd9467db0d04c4d

Shenmue Ryo Hazuki TUBBZ Duck - https://www.segashop.co.uk/products/ryo-hazuki-shenmue-tubbz-collectible-duck
Shenmue Music Box - https://www.wayorecords.com/en/wayo-music-box/737-shenmue-music-box.html
Bill Black Interview - https://shenmuedojo.com/shenmue-dojo-interviews-bill-black/
Shenmue 3 Voice Over Behind the Scenes - https://shenmuedojo.com/shenmue-3-voice-recording-behind-the-scenes/
Richard Cartlidge Interview - https://shenmuedojo.com/shenmue-dojo-interviews-richard-cartlidge/
Dragon & Phoenix Dev Log #4 - https://shenmuedojo.com/shenmue-dragon-and-phoenix-dev-log-4/
Zhu Yuanda Forums Post - https://www.shenmuedojo.com/forum/i...ystical-elements-back.3705/page-2#post-123304
Shenmue Dojo Forums Plugins - https://www.shenmuedojo.com/forum/index.php
Phantom River Stone AM2 Post - https://www.phantomriverstone.com/2021/08/weekly-am2-vol-1-launch-of-weekly-am2.html
Suka Pass - https://www.sukapass.com/
Shenmusings Shenmue 3 Character Database - https://shenmusings.wordpress.com/2021/08/08/shenmue-iii-character-database-release-and-making-of/

Intro: 00:00:00
News: 00:08:30
Music | Shenmue 3 - Spoken Words: 00:29:09
Main Discussion - Shenmue The Animation: 00:32:38
Music | Shenmue 3 - Hide & Seek: 00:54:52
Main Discussion - Shenmue 3 Review: 00:56:03
Music | Shenmue 3 - Chobu Chan Fighter Stage 2: 01:54:42
Main Discussion - Shenmue 4 Prospects: 01:56:03
Music | Shenmue 2 - Dragon Street (Night): 02:42:53
Shenmue Quiz: 02:45:40
Outro: 02:56:04
Music | Shenmue 2 - Three Birds Building Rooftop: 02:58:22

Dawn (Intro)
Shenmue 3 - Spoken Words
Shenmue 3 - Hide & Seek
Shenmue 3 - Chobu Chan Fighter Stage 2
Shenmue 2 - Dragon Street (Night)
Shenmue 2 - Three Birds Building Rooftop

Footage used:
DLC Videos - BlueMue (https://www.youtube.com/c/BlueMue)
Peter Campbell Shenmue 3 Playthrough -
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