Shenmue Dragon And Phoenix Collection


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Jan 5, 2019
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I believe that the team might have already considered this; but I was wandering If anyone in your team or from the Shenmue Dojo community is going to create Dev Diary videos of the Dragon and Phoenix Project in order to promote the Project and get the attention of the media and draw in new players into the franchise or even get more fans with experience in Unreal Engine and other game development areas onto the Project !?

I think that a great example that the team can follow would be something similar to what the Skyblivion Team has been doing for some years now.
They are re-creating The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion in the Skyrim Engine and have been promoting the Project with some great Dev Diary videos that have caught a lot of traction from the media and fans of the series like myself.
I think this sort of promoting would be a great way to get the attention of the media and the gaming community in general.

This is their latest Dev Diary vĂ­deo: