Shenmue III Complete collectors edition


Jul 24, 2018
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Holy shit.

More stuff!

3000 only to be made.

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3000 copies worldwide... Now do I get the vinyl or this :oops:

Does Limited Run deliver to the UK?
Looks like i'll be getting one of the vinyl sets instead of both. Lmao
Do bear in mind everyone that - the Suzuki signed edition aside - the vinyl and CD will be available for 4 weeks, whereas this is more limited.

I mean, we put our money where our mouths are and most likely buy it, but it's a slippery slope to getting exploited. And I bet the game will be unplayed, because we would just use our base Shenmue III w/DLC anyway. The extra stuff here is much nicer than the collectors edition last year, it has to be said.

I'd be interested to see if the base game will be re-released on its own.

ARGH. I'm meant to be saving for a bloody deposit for a house!!
Oh for fuck sake. Can't help but feel like Shenmue fans are being taken advantage of with this shit. First a $350 vinyl and now another version of Shenmue III for $150. I'm happy to see so much Shenmue stuff but damn, so much money just to support the franchise.
If it signals to publishers that there is money to be made from Shenmue and increase the chance of a fourth game, I'm willing to pay up. My loved ones can do without gifts this Christmas.
Oh so there isn't a set amount of copies for the vinyl?
Lol. Oh my God, what the hecky is going on lately?! My wallet is gasping for breath over here!
Oh so there isn't a set amount of copies for the vinyl?
That's right; only the autographed edition is limited (to 500 copies).

There's also a mega bundle for $450!