Shenmue III The Definitive Soundtrack is coming to digital, CD & vinyl starting November

Wow, how about that. I guess I'll get the CD set. It would be cool to have something else signed by Yu, but vinyls are heavy and bulky, and I don't even have a player for them.
That 11 LP Box Set! Fuck that is tempting!

But realistically I will probably settle for the standard vinyl to sit along side Shenmue 1 and 2 vinyl. I suppose that answers my initial question of “why isn’t Data Disc doing Shenmue III as well?”

EDIT: What the hell! I might go all in for that 11 LP set complete with Yu Suzuki autograph. You only live once.
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Stoked for that cd set.

Vinyl depends on the artwork. For the mockups they just have the basic Shenmue 3 artwork, which I don't find particularly appealing any more (I've already got it on display several times). If they put on some better artwork I may give it a thought.

I just checked, I've got that day off. Fuck yeah!
So we now know that post Shenmue 3, there's been a secret anime in the works and a massive soundtrack being developed. All of this was kept top secret until they were announced, or close to announcement.

You have to wonder what else ysnet secretly have brewing behind the scenes :)

Always remember, the Shenmue fan base may not be massive, but some fans are now in very powerful positions in the gaming/TV industry

It's no coincidence that Shenmue 3, Shenmue the anime and the Shenmue soundtracks were all started by fans of the franchise.
Its also important to remember that unlike the dreamcast days, Shenmue 3, Shenmue HD and all the new Shenmue merchandise have made their respective companies profit.

The franchise is in a very good position
I agree. The way I see it 500 copies of the $350 edition (which will sell out) = $175,000. Now how much profit you get from that after production costs, licensing fees etc is debatable (vinyl is not cheap after all), but you have the other vinyl variations, the CD and the digital download which as I understand it currently is not limited, so I think this can only be a good thing.

The good thing about the digital download is that it will be on bandcamp who give 85% of the proceeds to the artist/label. Until the end of the year, 100% of the proceeds go to the artist/label on the first Friday of the month. Therefore, people who want to go down the digital download route, might want to hold fire until Friday 4th December to ensure that they get more revenue!
Just for additional info, I spoke to Brave Wave earlier today and they said that the external boxes for the 5LP and 6LP edition can be bought separately for those who are buying the 11LP boxset!

I can see myself spending almost €400 at this rate....
Does Sega have a hand in the licensing of all these products, or is it solely up to Ys Net who's doing all these deals?
I'm getting the 6 disc CD set for sure.

Question is, what do they mean by "general distribution" to follow? If I can bypass Limited Run and buy it in my own country via Amazon or wherever I'd rather do that.

I'm moving house soon, but don't know when yet (especially with the whole Covid thing), so how much of a pain is it to preorder something with Limited Run and then have to change your address later?
Yeah, I need to buy a new (well, not physically new) Sega CD in the coming weeks, so I'll just stick with the CD Boxset... but I need that CD Boxset... like yesterday.

I'm starved for either new 'mue music to put on my iPod or Yakuza music (as the latter has not had a soundtrack release in Japan yet :()
I'm getting the 6 disc CD set for sure.

Question is, what do they mean by "general distribution" to follow? If I can bypass Limited Run and buy it in my own country via Amazon or wherever I'd rather do that.

This is what I am waiting on. I don't have good experience ordering from Limited Run and really don't want to order from them if I can help it.

If it goes on Amazon at least importing it should be easy, I'll be waiting to hear on further release details before ordering.
I've got the LanDi one and it's fantastic. The Ryo figure doesn't look that great. I'd still like to have it, but it's evident their quality increased exponentially between the time they did Ryo and Landi. I'm not even sure what year they released Ryo.

My understanding is they don't re-produce any of their models.