Shenmue : the animation merchandise

Feb 21, 2019
Hey !
I guess we will have some merch announced in the next few months. It was the case for Blade Runner : Black Lotus, also produced by Crunchyroll & Adult swim.

They are releasing digital and physical soundtrack, artbook, t-shirts and so on. The vinyl will be released by the end of the month (close to the end of the show) and the artbook is set to release on March.

Edit : I believe the chances are higher with the soundtrack, because it was announced on October 22th, 2 weeks after the Premiere date announcement. When the artbook was a Titan release announced 2 months before...

Here is a page for the soundtrack releases and merch around it, that we might see coming for Shenmue :

Can't wait to hear about a similar announcement for Shenmue, to give as much support as we can for a season 2 to happen !
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My wallet is ready!
I'd love to see First For Figures jump into a new Shenmue statue.

They've done one for Cowboy Beebop which is also on Toonami so why not revisit Shenmue
All I want?

-- Soundtrack on Vinyl -- We got the three game soundtracks on vinyl, why not the anime?

-- Statues -- I'll gladly take a Xiuying statue if anyone wants to give us one? But I can see at least a couple of statues based on the anime coming our way. Maybe Ryo, Ren and Shenhua.

-- Blu Ray Release -- I'm old school. I want my Blu Ray collection when its all said and done.

Honestly, those would do me fine, but hey, if they want to give us anything else then feel free to surprise me.
This anime looks like it would make for a cool video game. They should do a tie-in or something. :LOL:
You laugh, but what if SEGA did reboot it on let's say a certain dragon engine?

(I don't think they will but weirder things have happened...all I hope is this is enough to get us to IV)
I am all for anything that is being released.
Anyone have any idea how long it takes for an anime series to be put on bluray and released? Are we looking at a 2022 release or would it be much later?

I'd like to skip First 4 Figures and go with a more Japan-oriented toy maker. I collect a few of these Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi toys and the posability is amazing.

Scroll through some of those images and look at all the different poses you can create. It's fantastic. And it's way more affordable than the First 4 Figures stuff. I love my Lan-di but I'm not looking to spend another ~$400 on each figure.


I just checked first 4 figures website. Their prices are out of control. A lot of their stuff starts at $400 - $500 USD.
Also I've been buying these 1000Toys figures as well. They look really excellent. I think there's a lot of great options in Japan as far as toy makers go.

Anyone have any idea how long it takes for an anime series to be put on bluray and released? Are we looking at a 2022 release or would it be much later?
Mmmm, depends. Persona 5's anime first started airing in 2018 yet the Blu Ray didn't get released until 2020.

6 months...a year...never.

To my understanding, in the past you wouldn't start getting DVD releases until Japan had finished their run of DVD releases. That was 1 volume a month 3 months after premiere on TV. That was usually how they made their money (hence why Japanese Anime DVD's were so expensive.)

But I don't know how much the industry has changed given streaming. I don't know if physical media still has the same importance level or not.

I wouldn't expect it any time soon though. Probably not until next year at the earliest I would imagine.
Another one that came to mind.

What if it got a Manga release based on the Anime?

Persona games have manga releases. I'm currently collecting the Persona 5 manga.

What if we got a manga release for Shenmue The Animation?
Merch you say?