Shenmue : the animation merchandise

I've just logged into Segashop UK and they have a rewards program now. What's interesting is one of the reward tiers:

Shenmue Super Fan​

Make at least 5 orders from our Shenmue collection this quarter and earn mega-fan status, as well as some loyalty points!

As there are only 3 items currently for sale this would be impossible to achieve, so looks like some more Shenmue goodies are on their way :)
Well it seems Sega hold the keys to Anime merch.

Want merch? Let them know!

Ended up getting 1 of each :hearteyes: I don't know much Japanese but Matsukaze-san seemed so excited about them on the livestream?
So what merchandise did the anime end up having? Could anyone show me a link? Did they sell any shirts? Have they announced a Ryo and Nozomi on the motorcycle figurine yet I would buy that instantly. Any word on Blu-ray release date?