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Hi! Is there any possibility of being able to use NVIDIA RTX Remix technology to facilitate the remastering work?
Hello! i see you got Ryo Hazuki mod For Sifu! i would Love to have it too! Can You send it to me?
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Yes im at work right now i'll give you the mod tonight
there is no hurry! thanks! you´re the best!!! i gonna finish to see shenmue the animation in the meanwhile!!! for motivation :D
i send you the file in private message
If a forum is a place to talk, I'd have loved to be talked before banning me without mercy, without wude. How rude!
As long as there are fans with a voice in the world we will never give up on this franchise not until we get a REAL final and proper/fitting conclusion. Chawan signs have been made my friends, we're waiting. #LetsGetShenmue4


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I got that shenmue 2 datadiscs vinyl today. it's beautiful. I need to take pics of my collection of shenmue stuff, as small as it is. it's still mine. lol