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    What do you expect to be retconned

    I expect them to completely fix some of the problems with Shenmue 3's story and character designs by the time it get adapted.
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    The long term plan is probably the same as it has always been "Let's see if this takes off...if not oh well" lol jk
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    I fully disagree. Shenmue is not popular enough to focus on side content. Especially when the future of the franchise is up in the air. This is the best way to grow the brand as a whole. If the games were not so dated and mediocre in a lot of parts I would want an anime to focus on other things...
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    Better than Shenmue 1&2: Your thoughts?

    Shenmue 3 failed at what I like most about Shenmue: Character and Story. Gameplay wise its better than Shenmue 1 but overall Shenmue 2 is still the best. Shenmue 2 > Shenmue 1 > Shenmue 3 Shenmue 3 just screwed up with its new characters and everything after Bailou was a complete joke. Villains...
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    Bloodstained reached 1 million copies

    Shenmue is not a stronger IP for one thing. Bloodstained is coming off the back of Castlevania. The highly praised Iga ones at that. Shenmue is coming off of ...Shenmue. And unfortunately its dated as hell by todays standards and failed to deliver. Shenmue 3 didnt even get the most important...
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    I fear Yu Suzuki has lost sight of what's essential here...

    TBH for the most part, fans want to see the story move forward. Shenmue 3 didnt do that and made the story a mockery in a lot of regards. I can look past Shenmue 3's gameplay issues but the way the story and characters were handled is just a big no. The scale of the game was fine overall but a...
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    Favorite Shenmue 3 NPCS?

    Sun only because I feel that he was the only one that was handled properly. everyone else had so much potential but they did nothing with them. Feng in particular.
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    Were you happier with no Shenmue III? Or do you prefer living in a post-Shenmue III world?

    Happier. Shenmue 3 killed all of my hype and love for the franchise so now I'm no longer waiting everyday for anything in hopes that it moves forward. Loved Shenmue 1 and 2 so much and waiting for a follow up to do justice to the story and characters was agony. Shenmue 3 happened and now I no...
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    I just hope Yu Suzuki eventually comes out and states that he is aware of his misteps with Shenmue 3 and promises a better experience with 4 and has learned to devote his dev time to what matters. Its hard for me to get hyped for a shenmue 4 when I can't fathom wth Yu was thinking with Niaowu...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Yeah he is way to tied to the fanbase to not realize what people would think that tweet implies. He would be "canceled" if it is anything other than a soft confirmation that Shenmue 4 is well underway lmao
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    Which systems/ideas from Shenmue 3 would you keep for Shenmue 4? Get rid of?

    Keep but improve: - The training system. Just add a few more variants.For example: Balancing on the posts like the guy in Bailu, Tree punching like your father, Martial arts dummy striking instead of just horse stance. - Minimap: however the minimap in Shenmue 3 was useless. Just make it...
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    That really was such a great moment. Such a shame not much happens in Niaowu. I didn't even know you could explore the boat. lol
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    Would you be happy if Shenmue 4 was the final game?

    Depends. If they really did scrap the 4 branch Chi You men leadership + Tentei sure. Why not. But if thats still a thing hell no. Needs at least 5 games and going by Shenmue 3, even that would be too short to tell the entire story. I just hope goin gforward they dont waste anymore time. like...
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    [Spoiler] Do you think we will visit Baisha in Shenmue IV?

    It's possible but I think that ship has sailed. I hope I'm wrong. It was a huge mistep programming Niaowu before Baisha. Niawu had no story relevance at all. and what was there could have been moved to other chapters. Like Ren should have popped up in Bailu, not Niawu and everything else could...
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    How would you fix Shenmue 3?

    - Bailu Chapter: o A real fight with Chai at the end and he dies this time for good. o feng needs more development with Ryo. We should be able to visit him every day, Practice at the tree Iwao did, and he should tell us more things about Iwao. Feng should have described a side of Iwao that Ryo...