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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    Sorry for the late reply. The source that is on GitHub is the exact source that is being used to compile Forklift. Feel free to remove the HTTP stuff :)
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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    Your firewall might block the Wulinshu update server. You can safely ignore it, since D3T is done with the game.
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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    Hm, the server is up. Do you have an internet connection?
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    Shenmue II Kowloon Interior Assets for my Unity VRChat Room?

    I think most of the room is generated by Magic Room? Not quite sure, but I haven't heard of anyone extracting an entire room from Shenmue 2 Kowloon.
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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    Sorry guys, I forgot to respond here. The server has been a little unstable recently. The version message shows up if it can't connect to the server, or if the version string is different from the built-in one. Recently, the server has been going down for some weird reasons which is why it's...
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    How can I rip the Coca-Cola textures from the Japanese Shenmue on Dreamcast?

    Not sure about that. They're definitely replaced at runtime but the PC assets are based on the US Dreamcast release of the game.
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    DC music for Shenmue II

    Not quite sure what that is so unfortunately I'm not of much help :(
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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    Hm, that wouldn't be a Forklift mod, but rather an Xinput controller.
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    Site fix & software upgrade

    Just wondering, what was that critical bug?
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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    Nope, I believe SEGA needs to allow that.
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    Forklift, a Shenmue mod loader

    It doesn't bypass the launcher, you still have to launch the game using the launcher.
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    Shenmue Undub [Dreamcast] - is it over?

    The Shenmue undub didn't change the subtitles to match the Japanese audio. I think you're looking for something along the lines of subtitle file modification:
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    Shenmue Undub [Dreamcast] - is it over?

    Not sure I understand the reasoning. The undub project did exactly what the HD remaster does, with Japanese audio and English subtitles. Mind elaborating a bit more? And I believe it's been dead for quite a few years now.
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    @shredingskin @Kiba @paddyj @Kodama @Oregon Pacifist I just saw your replies but there are too many to quote without spamming. The gist of what I wanted to say was a thanks, for letting me know what you guys thought about this topic.