A Shenmue Story - New Shenmue Journey from George Kitchen!


Jul 24, 2018
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The kitchen bros from the Shenmue community have released a lovely Christmas-themed game for everyone to enjoy


This game takes place before Shenmue 1 and allows players to control Ryo Hazuki and freely explore the streets of Japan. Ryo must hunt down 25 Santa chans (similar to bailu chan) in order to win a Sega Saturn for Christmas.


Players will move around from a first person perspective. All assets have been faithfully recreated to look like the Dreamcast game


Players can interact with NPCS, play mini games, buy capsule toys, engage in QTE fights, and freely explore the environment

All NPCS are fully voiced and animated.





Finally, here's a teaser trailer for the game that was released two months ago


Game Logo.png
Dreams of Saturn is a Shenmue Xmas fan game from George Kitchen. The game features around 10-15 hours worth of content in the form of a short Shenmue story, taking place before and after the events of the original Shenmue, along with a wide variety of mini-games, achievements and collectables. The game is a standalone client and is NOT a mod for the original Shenmue.

The game is currently available for PC only (Mac version at a later date) and can be downloaded below:

>> DOWNLOAD (3GB) <<
Version 1.8 (01/01/24)

The game is likely to run on most PC's, even low end spec, although we will have more data on this soon when more people download and play.​
Enjoy everyone and happy holidays



If you want to use a controller for the game, download the following program Joy2key

Download Joy2Key

Everything is configured thanks to @OneSwitch. All you have to do is open up the program and then run the Shenmue Dreams of saturn game. Here are the controller settings once you're playing the game

Left-stick = WALK (LT=RUN)
Right-stick = Look around (RS=CROUCH)
RT = Interact (left-click)
RB = Free cursor


Many thanks to @OneSwitch for setting this up for us.
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Woah, this looks amazing! It'll be interesting to walk around Yokosuka in 1st person.
Do we know yet what specs is required to run this? (Don’t have a gaming PC and not sure how intensive Unity is).

Always love output from Kitchener Bros.
I was thinking of sharing some things here as long as it stays here and not shared publicly. A little worried about getting too much notice this early. I'd rather wait until a week before release.

I have it running at 60 FPS so far on both of my computers. One is a high end development computer and the other is just a standard gaming computer. I've been working hard on keeping it at 60 FPS. Some areas are currently dipping down to 45 FPS, but they are areas that have the largest views. For the most part, it's stable. All interiors and mini games run smoothly.

This is George, btw.
Ecco is 8 levels. After each round, another goal turns into an X until there is only 1 goal left.

Pool is sort of a Lucky Hit game. Each ball is worth the value they represent. The 8 ball being worth 8 points. 45 points to distribute per round. You pick up the Q-Ball with the mouse and hold down F to build power before releasing the ball by releasing the F key. The game is 3 rounds.

Clicking and holding the left mouse button on some objects will allow you to lift them. This is critical to finding certain Chobu's.
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Looking fantastic!
If there is no delay, what time today we should expect the game? :giggle:
Working on it as we speak. Trying to make sure it's ready. A little overwhelmed today. Hoping for 8pm eastern USA time
Working on it as we speak. Trying to make sure it's ready. A little overwhelmed today. Hoping for 8pm eastern USA time
Best of luck brother. I know how stressful it can be getting these games out for the holidays or by a deadline. Take your time. If you have to delay it for a few days, then, by all means, go for it.

The game looks awesome and will be well worth the wait.