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Advice for Importing Goods from Japan (Specific Item in Mind)

Jul 27, 2018

I've been working on a Wiki site for a game I adore called Shadow of Memories/ Shadow of Destiny for over a year now & I'm always searching for new info on the game. Well the last few weeks I've found a few interesting items from Japan & I'm looking to find a way to import them.
The one I really want is a phone card with unique artwork drawn by the creator of the game:

I'd love to be able to have this to scan and make the image accessible online. But navigating this website is VERY challenging! The website has a more world-wide friendly website but annoyingly this item is not listed on this website!

I found this one, but it links to the original website once again:

The more international friendly site has a Contact Us Section, but when ever I try send a message I get an error message 'Content is not valid':

They have some social media sites, I only have Twitter but they don't have a PM service on that account:

So I'm quite stumped on this! Anyone have any experience of hunting down items from Japan? Any advice would be appreciated!

Another site has details on the item:

Shadow of Memories Original Telephone Card
Messesan-O limited benefits.
Messe Sanoh New Schedule Scheduled to be released in February

Further Link - https://web.archive.org/web/20010303064536/http://www.messe.gr.jp/tvgame/shinsakulist02.htm
Messe Original Telephone Card drawn by Junko Kawano

Someone on Twit showed me another version, so there may be differetn desgins:
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