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character tree


Joined: Fri Apr 09, 2004 11:13 pm
Jul 27, 2018
Simple request:

We ll have seen the Shenmue character tree released on Shenmue.com's Muecas section eons ago...well, in a Shenmue III Kickstarter update, a larger picture of this character tree was part of a poster in the back of a dev room where they took a picture of the crew. I scoured through countless updates and can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where this picture might be? Did they scrub it from the update?
Yes, it is in one of them. I have looked through, but maybe I just missed it.
i just went through all 120+ KS updates and videos and did not see it. Possible it got scrubbed maybe and wouldn't be the only one. The Masaya video part 2 is now a dead link in the update, however Ziming has it on the shenmue fans YT channel.

I do recall seeing this and posting about it in one of the shenmue facebook chats. Lemme search through my histories.
If I recall there was some curious links or connections between characters you would think had no relation or connection or perhaps I am imagining this?

I thought someone started piecing it together from original low resolution image we had?
beats me. i can barely remember 4 years ago let alone 20 years of community theories outside of whats here on the dojo and in the old forums. However iirc i think Baihu was somewhere near the top or something showing that he may be more important than we thought?
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is it this one? Someone shared it on twitter with a bunch of other pics, I don't remember who they were though....sorry I couldn't be of more help :/
Ah yes, that reminds me back in the day, to try and piece together the characters once Shenmue III was released, using Miawaki-sans concept images. I guess it would be a good project now, but I am barely online so I wouldn't have the time. Can spot the likes of Mr Hsu, Shiling, Elder Yeh etc.