Do you have a gay old time going to this forum more than other forums you have visited if you visit other websites than this one?

Do you have a gay old time going to this forum more than other forums you have visited?

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Jan 11, 2020
This is pretty much the only forum that I enjoy going to and not seeing old guys yelling at clouds in other forums. I sometimes wonder why these people constantly go to those forums just to get angry at something all the time. I am mostly referring to video game forums where it happens the most.
Wait... There are other forums? Are you saying the internet =/= the Dojo? If I type something else into my address bar, will it work? I've been here for 23 years. I intend to check in now and then for the rest of my life, and I'm aiming high in the lifespan category. The only other forum I ever regularly frequented was the Hazuki Dojo, but that was just the real Dojo's midlife crisis dramasode.
This place is the only forum/social media i use apart from messenger as i live abroad from family. I play GTAO alot but GTA Forums is a toxic community.
My sympathies as despite the unpopularity of admiting it: Being abroad from your family its hard.
Here's wishing that you are able to make a visit once or twice a year ♥️
As others here have expressed, the Dojo is the only forum I post on, let alone visit, nowadays. It has been about as lively as Lenin for the past few months, but the moment something Shenmue-related stirs in the world, the party gets pumping all over again.

When that isn't the case, my posts primarily consist of infrequent replies and my awful, twenty-second photoshops 😁
I can honestly say I've seen very little in the way of drama here. It's refreshing from most other communities. Yeah, I do enjoy coming here. I haven't been coming here as much lately (just because I've been focused on getting my life together) but I do enjoy coming here nonetheless.