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Oct 27, 2019
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Now i know even more that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If i play 007 Goldeneye right now i know i will enjoy again, if i play the classic Resident Evil trilogy for PS1 i know i will enjoy again, i love the gameplay of the RE games for PS1.

I love the inventory, the typewriter and save room themes, i love the atmosphere and vibe of the classic RE games, i even think that PS1 graphics are beautiful, i can find beauty in the old graphics, this games will always be amazing games for me and time will not change this. I hope someday RE fans create fan games with the style of the old RE games, i love this style.


Maybe some people will think... "What? you think PS1 graphics are beautiful? you think this style of gameplay is beautiful? this is crazy, is probably the nostalgia talking." No is not the nostalgia talking, for me this games are good games and time will not change this for me.

Like i said another time i have a friend that prefers old games than new games, she prefers 2D games than 3D games, is just a matter of opinion, people have different opinions and that's okay, if some people disagree with me it's okay, i respect different opinions.


Recently i'm playing again the game J-STARS Victory VS for PS3, I hadn't played this game for a long time, a lot of years without playing, now i'm playing again and i'm feeling the same way i felt at that time, you know why? because it is the same game, the game didn't change.

I know i will enjoy again and this is what happened, i'm even trying to get 100% of the trophies again, my mindset is that i just want to play the game and have a good time with the game, i'm not playing this game comparing with new games, nothing like that, i don't do that, i just want to play and have a good time with the game

I never played from beginning to the end the classic The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64, i didn't have a N64 at the time so i didn't had a opportunity to play this game at that time, i have plans to do that someday, i can find beauty in this graphics and in the style of the game.


I never played from beginning to the end the classic PS1 game SIlent Hill, i have plans to play all Silent Hill games one day, and i know i will probably enjoy, you know why? because i can really find beauty in this, in this graphics, in this style of survivor horror games and much more.


ICO for PS2 is a beauty work of art, one of my favorites games of all time, if i play ICO right now i know i will enjoy again, PS5 graphics will not change this for me, different gameplays/controls will not change this for me, time will not change this for me.


American McGee's Alice was released in 2000, everytime i play this game i enjoy, time will not change this for me, is a beauty work of art that i will always enjoy, new games will not change my opinion about old games.


To me games are one of the most beautiful forms of art, is a beautiful way to express a lot of things, I played Shenmue from beggining to the end for the first time in 2015 and now i'm a Shenmue fan. Shenmue was released in 1999, some people say that Shenmue aged poorly, i say Shenmue is a masterpiece, a beauty work of art that i will love for the rest of my life.

This games will never lose value for me, games don't have a expiration date and don't age poorly to me. There are a lot of old games that I've never played and I'll probably love them, i love old games but i love new games too.

A game is only good at the time of the release? after that the game will lose its value? in my opinion of course not, a good game will always be a good game to me, time will never change that to me.
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Dec 1, 2019
Having gone through my NMH marathon, I decided to replay the Silver Case games as well. Just finished the first one again and it’s really amazing how prophetic it was compared to something like MGS2 which gets all this praise.

Not that there’s much wrong with that game, and SC only got a translation in 2017, but now I feel it was much more concise with its message without being too self indulgent. Maybe a bit too wordy to really be called a game, but the fact anyone enjoys it as one I think is a testament to just how varied games can be.