Mod to Change Ryo's dialogue in the Ending Cutscene of Shenmue 3


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Jan 5, 2019
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I decided to create this thread for us to discuss the possibility of creating a mod to Change Ryo's dialogue in some minor scenes in the end of Shenmue 3, something like what was done with the mod that changed Ren's original voice for the voice of Eric Kelso.
Of course, for this mod we would need the colaboration of Corey Marshall to record some new lines of dialogue, but in my opinion nothing to much major, just some simple lines to change the context of the dialogue to something a little bit more fitting.

Here are my ideas of the subtle changes the I would make into Ryo's dialogue with Yuan in the final Cutscene of Shenmue 3:

The first change that i would make is when Yuan tells Ryo the following line "Is only son Longsun was raised by the Chiyou Men"
To wich Ryo replys saying "Longsun !?" Like he had never heard that name before, when we know for a fact that he already knew this because Yunda Zhu had already made this revelation in Shenmue 2.
To keep it simple and short and not affecting the cutscene I would simply change Ryo's dialogue into something like
"Yes, Longsun" or "Ah, Yes, Longsun" in an introspective way as if Ryo was recalling Lan Di's real name by remembering what Yuanda Zhu had told him.

The other line of dialogue that I would change is when Yuan tells Ryo " The Cliff Temple that Zhao visited! "
To wich Ryo replys "That's where we found the Scroll". This was either a missed translation or it was to be used in another cutscene because it makes no sense whatsoever.
For this part I would have Ryo say something like "That's where we must go!" as if he was affirming that that is their next destination which also makes the phrase very similar to the original one in terms of structure and lenght.
Another possibility is to just cut this line of the dialogue since Ryo Is showing is back in this part of the cutscene and Yuan carries on informing Ryo with the next line saying "I've heard the Chiyou Men have taken it Over" to wich Ryo replys "So, Lan Do is there..."

I think that these subtle changes could make a significant difference in Shenmue 3's final Cutscene or at least make it a little bit more accurate and less confusing.

So, tell me what you guys think or give some opinion of your own in regards to these changes.
Jul 28, 2018
I've noticed that type of "surprised" affectation in Japanese speakers when acknowledging something they're familiar with (Longsun!?). It's pretty common in subbed Japanese media so I didn't mind it too much.

The "That's where we found the Scroll" line, in my opinion, was meant to be something like "That's the place depicted on the scroll we found". Personally that's the only line I'd change as it's clearly a mistake.